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What to order in Petit Robert bistro?

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Going there tonight for dinner, thanks

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  1. For the hors d'oeuvres, the trio of pates is wonderful. I also like the onion soup gratinee.

    1. I too like the trio of pates as well as the skirt steak.

      1. I love the escargot and hadmade pates for an appetizer. Salmon legs for an entree, or any of their traditional French dishes (Coq au Vin, etc.). Some people don't expect the cut of steak used for the steak frites, which is more traditional but not what is usually used in the U.S.

        For dessert, I like the ile flotant - but you can't go wrong with any of them. For sheer impressiveness, the handmade chocolate Tour Eiffel with the gateau Petit Robert wins a prize.

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          I second the Ile Flottante for dessert, especially with the Graham 20 year tawny port.

        2. I was just there on New Years day and would definitely reccommend the Apple Tart Tatin. It is one of the best versaions of this classic I have ever had outside France. I also had the cream of leek soup (daily special) and a roast Cod with a lobster cream sauce (also a daily special)that was very very good.

          1. Sardine sandwich, pate sandwich, coffee/potato soup (sounds awful, I know, but it's yummy), pate trio, coq au vin, cassoulet, steak-frites with Bordelaise sauce, pomme dauphinois, tarte tatine (with that lovely cardamom creme fraiche).

            1. Had a nice dinner there last night. Can't go wrong with escargot. Had the cassoulet, which is not complete without duck confit in my book, so ordered a side of duck leg. It was very yummy, god I love duck confit. I would rather they made the cassoulet with the duck and charge a little more $. Also had the flottante (sp?) dessert, which I thought was a bit too sweet. We also had the souffle which was made to souffle perfection. Very good not great. I do think it is fabulous that they try to keep prices reasonable. 2 apps, 2 entrees, 2 desserts, 2 coffees and a btl of wine $130 before tip. That should be how much you spend a all but the very best restaurants IMHO.

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                I guess yours was better than the one I had there a few weeks ago - it was so bad I've crossed PRB off my dining list entirely. I accept that cassoulet doesn't have to have duck confit (though if not it should at least have goose confit), but the true failing of the dish was the beans, which were undercooked and still crunchy in the center! The very soul of cassoulet is long-cooked white beans, they give the dish its essential creaminess. This one was a travesty. My wife's sweetbreads (which she'd had there before and enjoyed) were partially burnt and unpleasant. All in all this place is just too hit-or-miss to recommend.

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                  That's too bad. My beans were fine. I just finished off the leftovers for lunch. I agree that its a bit hit or miss. I find the different ways that cassoulet is cooked in this city kind of maddening. I had it at the butcher shop and hated the way they made it. I think I like the Pierre Bistrot interpretation the best, seems more of a classic interpretation.

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                    Well, to be fair the "right" mix of meats for cassoulet is a matter of great debate in France as well. We spent a couple of weeks last year sampling cassoulet from Toulouse to Avignon (including Castelnaudary, a small town along the Canal du Midi which claims to be the original source of the dish), and had versions with duck, goose, pork, sausage, lamb, and various mixes of the above.

                    For the record, the winner in my opinion was the one in Toulouse, which had duck confit, pork, and garlic sausage, and was cooked in the classic manner: bake until a crust forms on top, then push the crust down into the beans - and repeat at least seven times! Clearly this sort of care was not given to the dish PRB served me.

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                      My beans were fine, too (New Years Eve), though there wasn't much of a crust. More like a few bread crumbs sprinkled on and served immediately.

                      The special salad of Bayonne ham and hearts of palm was pretty good, and they were good about our 17-month-old.

                      IMHO, the Boston restaurant scene is clearly better off w/PRB.

                2. On a cold winter day, the beef bourgignon stew is simply heaven with the crusty great bread they serve. My SO loves the escargot. I was not too impressed with the steak frites...steak was cooked well but rather flavorless; I actually had a much better steak frites at Eastern Standard, and, believe it or not, Bambara (an unexpected favorite for steak frites!).

                  1. Pate is a good and a surprisingly large portion.
                    Nicoise salad is great and contains a really nice, large piece of seared tuna.

                    1. Has anyone had their quenelles (listed as Old Fashion Fish Quenelles in a Lobster Sauce 9.75 on their online menu) and how was it? I'm curious about this traditional dish from Lyon -- not often seen in this country.

                      1. I really like their duck confit. I had that the last time I was there. I also have tried the beef tartare which was delicious!

                        1. Stopped in for a quick supper at PRB (Kenmore location) over the weekend. They were still doing RW menu but our party ordered from the regular menu. We started strong with the trio of pate's -- a smooth foie, a chunky pate de campagne, and a pork rillettes. The rillettes was about a zillion times better than the last version I had in Boston, at Toro. The baguettes were still hot from the oven and were served with good butter. Cornichons and strong mustard rounded out the plate. Cheap and cheerful Cotes de Rhone was a steal at $25 and complemented everything we ordered. My steak frites was great -- perfectly rare, nice portion of meat and skinny little fries, however the au poivre sauce was served on the side and was not correct. Nevermind, the flavorful hanger didn't really need saucing. (Next time I'd try the bearnaise.) One friend had the duck confit and duck sausage -- confit was excellent, sausage a tad dry. Served with braised cabbage -- very nice. The sole was the only plate I didn't try (and only because its owner was nursing a cold) but pleased him a lot. What a pleasant surprise -- not a clunker in the bunch, although I was a wee bit disappointed in the cassoulet. The beans were definitely not cooked/creamy enough and the lamb flavor was overpowering. My friend loved it though, so that's fine.

                          Most pleasing was the price -- $33 a head with a nice tip. Definitely the best value for money I've had at a white tablecloth place in a long time. Service was friendly (a little french definitely went a long way at coaxing a smile out of our waiter) and efficient. We told him we were heading out to a concert at the MFA and he sped us right along. I will enjoy lingering next time, though. The whole room smelled like sizzling butter when we walked in. God I love French food.

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                            I too was there this weekend for a late night bite (Kenmore location). Started with a bottle of Louis Philippe Rose champagne - yum! I had the lobster bisque and DC the soup a l'onion gratinee - both were delicious. We shared a bit but he preferred his and I mine - so that worked out! I had the duck confit with sausage and braised cabbage. Agree with yumyum that the sausage was a bit dry. The duck leg confit was absolutely delicious. Must have had a bit too much champagne because I am drawing a total blank on what my DC had for his main.

                            For dessert he had chocolate mousse and I had a delicious banana tarte with banana ice cream. It was wonderful but would have been even better warmed.

                            We ate right at the bar and loved watching all the desserts being assembled. Service was spot on and friendly. Amazingly differeing from my surly experiences at the South End location. I'll definitely go back to PRB Kenmore.