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Jan 4, 2007 07:20 PM

China Buffet King at Warden/401 in Scarborough is under new management

China Buffet King at Warden/401 in Scarborough is now under new management. My in-laws report that it is more expensive and the food is worse. No great loss IMHO, as the food wasn't that great anyway, but it was the only resto that my in-laws liked, and I do feel sorry for the staff who have complained that the new management now pockets the tips. Now that my in-laws refuse to go there, does anyone know of a good Cantonese buffet near Scarborough (yes, I realize that "good ... buffet" is an oxymoron)? I read through an earlier thread from 2 years ago asking the same question, but the only other resto recommended was Buffet City (Starwalk is not a Cantonese place).

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  1. Buffet City on Steeles and Victoria Park is no longer there. I passed by there once and noticed it's now called Asian Kitchen. I was told that it is ACYE - some of each: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Viet. I think the closest buffet to China Buffet King at Warden/401 would be Imperial Buffet at 24 Lebovic Avenue 416-288-9699, in the Warden/Eglinton Town Centre, across the movie theatre, beside Dollarama. Not sure if that is Cantonese buffet though.

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      Thanks! We're giving the Imperial a try this weekend.

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        I went to Imperial a few years ago, they serve stuff like chicken balls, chow mein etc. So be forewarned and hope you'll be pleasantly suprised - if they've changed their menu.

        Wonder if the CBK in Richmond Hill on Yonge has suffered the same fate?

        Starwalk still has lots of Cantonese dishes, even if they have a bit more Northern Chinese food than CBK.

    2. We were there for dinner at the beginning of December. We felt that the food and variety weren't as good as usual. I had always looked forward to a meal there because I found the food the most authentic I've tried for a buffet place. I was quite disappointed.
      We ended up going there for Sunday lunch last week. Much better food and more choices than I ever remember for lunch. There was an officious-looking guy in a suit (new manager or new owner?) patrolling the food area and seeming to check the food and staff. Back to thumbs up for CBK!

      1. Try Starwalk Buffet at Midland and Steeles. Large strip mall with all types and categories of Asian and Provincial Chinese restaurant.