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Jan 4, 2007 07:11 PM

David Lieberman - Dave Does

Has anybody checked out the "webisode", Dave Does, on Food Network site?

The show about aphrodisiac foods is hilarious.

episode 4

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  1. I also thought that episode was hilarious; almost genius.

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    1. re: CohenOZXDS

      Wow, not to rain on your parades but I didn't find this funny at all, not a bit.

      1. re: missclaudy

        You're kidding, right? That is the funniest thing I've seen in a long while. He's making fun of himself - trying to impress the girl, and influence her with aphrodisiacs with no luck - when he drinks the wine and it drools out of his mouth is priceless.

        This is good understated humor - not silly, like Elton Brown, or just lame like Emeril. I liked it. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

        1. re: wallybgood

          Thanks for telling me what funny is, kiddo.. Monty Python, Ricky Gervaise, 30 Rock, Ealing Studios movies from the 50's, Sid Ceasar, SJ Perleman, Larry David are hilarious to me. Dave Lieberman, who I have never heard of before viewing this silly, immature, piece (I know he is making fun of himself, I get it) displays not a drop of originality or wit. I don't find him indearing. Wanna see understated, watch Extras ,Ricky Gervaise's show on HBO, or Alec Guiness movies from the 50's.

    2. I aggree, the wine escaping his mouth while he's trying to be suave. LOL.

      Well, I guess humor is a subjective thing anyway. Not everybody is going to get it or appreciate it.

      I just watched it again. I think I laughed harder this time.....

      1. Priceless, especially when he's at Oyster Bar and he's actually stroking an oyster. So lewd!
        I love Dave!

        1. Yeah, he is definitely much more looser and fun to watch on the webisodes than he is on Good Deal. I feel on Good Deal, since it's a full blown 30 minute show, he (or the producers) feel compelled to not do anything too crazy. Which is obviously horrible since the aphrodisiac episode was really a hoot.

          1. It's pretty funny. I hope the network realizes he should be on more. I think having Dave cook for me in his cute apartment would be aphrodisiactastic enough. ;)