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best place for dinner in Nashville? It's my birthday!

I'm going to be visiting Nashville in a few weeks and I've never been there before. Any excellent dining recommendations for a few NY foodies? We have a vegetarian in the mix, too. THANKS!

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  1. Easy. Margot Cafe in East Nashville. Just be sure to order the homemade potato chips with aioli as a starter.


    1. Not a food place but check out the Flying Saucer for a beer afterwards - an old church converted into a great bar!

      1. I second Margot Cafe as tops in Nashville (think a smaller Gramercy Tavern or Union Square Cafe). I would put Radius 10 in second place, and Watermark at No. 3 when they're on their game, but they can be hit or miss.


          1. I heard that Tayst had gone downhill. Last time I went by, they had a big sign seeking employees -- not very attractive. But I haven't eaten there, so I can't speak to what's coming out of the kitchen.

            There are 2 new restaurants: Ombi (with the new chef) got a gushing review from our local food critic -- he's usually on the mark. I'm having dinner there next week, and will be able to report back. The other big addition is Flyte. Can anyone report on these restaurants?


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              So how was Ombi? We are visiting Nashville this weekend for two concerts, and I just tried to get an early res at Margot for Saturday night. Is Ombi a good backup?

            2. Our 4-some really enjoyed OMBI. I don't think it's quite at the same level as Radius 10 or Margot, but it isn't as expensive either. It has a hip dining room with a chain-mail curtain, a great cocktail list, and a very appetizing and diverse menu. As I recall, we were impressed with everything we ordered, with desserts being OK but not memorable.

              Flyte just lost their chef, so I'd be cautious about going there.


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                I ate at Flyte last week, and it was incredible. The first place I've ever eaten lamb chops that they were really actually rare. It was so rare I thought they were going to bring a waiver. All the meat is just beautiful. There are superb soups, too, and nice salads for the vegetarian. There was a vegetarian entree, too, but I can't recall what it was.

              2. With a vegetarian in the crowd, I'd choose Zola. I haven't eaten there in years -- small kids, lots of traveling, no sitter -- but my dad has dinner there nearly every week and never tires of it.
                But there's also Ombi, and I manage to eat there, well, as often as I can manage. Great small plates, very imaginative and very good entrees, always with meatless options. Prices are modest, too -- four of us split five or six small plates, an entree and 3 glasses of wine for about $80. Reasonably easy to get a seat early in the evening. Bar crowd kicks up later.

                1. I would agree that Zola would be my choice for the best place in town to eat-- with or without a vegetarian in the mix. The food is the most adventurous and plenty of choices for the vegetarian. Flyte food was interesting but on Friday night all dishes arrived barely warm, even cold. Hopefully they will get it together in the future. We also agree that Tayst seems to have gone down a notch. Don't know why. Don't forget F.Scott. They are consistent, the Ambience beats all of the above restaurants, and the food is quite good. They also have the best sommelier in town without question--- she is just one step from getting her Master of Wine.