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Jan 4, 2007 07:02 PM

Commanders Palace -LV

Word is that Commanders Palace is closing Jan 16th-as part of the Aladdin/Planet Hollywood conversion-if its true its quite a shame-and who desont love a .25 cent Martini

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  1. Say it ain't so! Are you sure it isn't just for the construction period?

    1. Oh, I hope it isn't closing for good - I wouldn't think so, since they've done so well in Vegas. I'll be having dinner there next weekend, so will report back.

      BTW, re the tasting menu at dinner. The last time we were there for lunch, they gave me a copy of their tasting menu, and I've been really looking forward to trying it. Unfortunately, I just noticed that (like most places) they request that the whole table order it. Does anyone know how flexible they are?

      Trolling the internet - Not recent, so may be outdated info - On Fodor's "One thing that won't be changing is the presence" of Commander's Palace. Also a (2005) interview with the chef where he noted that he didn't think CP would be doing any major renovating since they have an outside entrance, but that they plan to add outdoor patio dining.

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        Please do report back, I would be really upset if Commander's Palace in Vegas were to close. It really is the highlight of my trip when I visit.

        1. re: glazebrookgirl

          Just a brief report back - had a wonderful dinner last night as always. They won't confirm where they are moving to, "we have a couple of options we're considering".

          I was going to do the tasting menu (which, by the way, they would have allowed only me to order instead of the whole table), but I was too full for a 7-course meal after a late lunch at Noodles at the Bellagio (good roast suckling pig). I started with the rich truffled crabmeat imperial and had the deacadent foie gras gumbo for my meal. Finished with the bourbon bread pudding souffle. It doesn't get much closer to a perfect meal. Other dishes enjoyed by our party of four were the turtle soup, shimp cocktail with spicy remoulade, a special of creamy king crab bisque, the filet accompanied by that addictive side of smashed potatoes and andouille sausage, and the special of surf and turf - a Creole-spiced petite filet in a green and pink peppercorn sauce with a generous crabcake. And one more special that raised this meal to another level (and the perfect way to spend winnings from a nice superfecta!) - any wine over 200$ is 50% off, and so we were able to accompany our last CP meal for a while with a fantastic Puligny Montrachet Premier Cru, and a delicious Napa Cabernet that the sommelier mentioned is only available in Las Vegas and three other cities (NY, LA, San Francisco).

          Next up today - lunch at Bouchon.

          1. re: Rubee

            I am so jealous right now! That sounds like a wonderful "last meal" and I hope that they decide to reopen somewhere else. I wonder if Hard Rock wants them out or if they are taking this opportunity to move to a nicer spot.

      2. Heard froma a friend who is in Vegas now, that they are indeed relocating-they were apparently a bit short on details, but hinted at moving to a more upscale hotel, which was expanding-my guess Venetian-as it doesnt seem to fit Steve Wynns style..

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        1. re: montreal traveller

          Venetian would be wonderful for my husband and I - it's our hotel of choice when there and would make it more likely we'd eat there more often :-)

        2. And their on-line res site isn't taking reservations after the 16th. It would be great if they moved elsewhere, but it will be a long wait for a .25 martini!

          1. Oh, this is heartbreaking. Even if they relocate, it will be awhile before they open again. And if it's a more upscale location, it's pretty much a given that the prices will go up.

            This is my favorite place to take visitors for brunch. It's an amazing experience that's affordable for almost everyone. (Even me!)