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Jan 4, 2007 06:28 PM

Need ideas for snacking at work, tell me your faves!

I need ideas for snacks to bring to work to sustain me between meals. Any ideas are appreciated, both healthy and not!


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  1. my current low-fat-high-fiber favorites are hummus with baby carrots, and celery with light cream cheese. also, a handful of almonds can really keep you full.

    1. - yogurt w/granola
      - edamame
      - grapes
      - cherry tomatoes

      1. I keep dried fruit in a desk drawer for food emergencies.

        1. Fruit and nut bars
          a thermos of soup
          saltines and cheese or peanut butter
          fresh fruit (an apple or an orange - not bananas for me because I hate smelling them all day in the office)
          cottage cheese (if you have fridge access)
          Trail mix
          Pop Tarts (someone is going to flay me for that one)

          Don't know how much you want to cook/prepare for snacks, but if you want to do some prep the night before:

          Tortilla pinwheels (spread flour tortillas with cream cheese, layer with turkey and lettuce and salsa and roll up and slice crosswise)
          Quick breads (like cranberry or banana bread) spread with cream cheese and made into small "tea sandwiches"
          Mini pizzas - cook them the night before and eat them at room temperature, or just cook a regular size pizza and cut it into small snack-size pieces for the rest of the week

          1. Sahale Snacks makes great healthy "gourmet" snack mixes. They are available at Target for about $5 for a 5oz bag. Delicious.

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              Dang! I can't believe I haven't seen those in Target. They look good!

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                Those look phenomenal! Will have to check Target out in my area!