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Jan 4, 2007 06:19 PM

From DC - Need Recs for Business Dinner - Midtown

My boss asked me to find a restaurant for 8 people next Wednesday. It needs to be in Midtown (preferably between 50th and 60th) have a quiet atmosphere so they can talk, and not be too expensive (maybe entrees around $20).
I've done a bunch of searching, but there are so many, and it's really hard to tell over the internet.

Any suggestions for me? Thank you!

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  1. what type of food are you looking for? There are lots of great places, but too many to name without narrowing it a bit.

    1. Thanks for replying. I'm guessing that since it is a business dinner, the food shouldn't be too crazy. Maybe Italian or French or American?
      Do you think any of these would fit the bill?

      Bottega del Vino

      Il Gattopardo

      Acqua Pazza


      1. Hmmmm... I think you're going to be hard pressed for a place at $20 an entree. Bottega del Vino and Il Gattopardo are kind of out of your price range of $20 entrees... at $20 entree is on the low end for those restaurants... actually most restaurants midtown that would be acceptable for a business dinner. Pampano is mid $20 I think... However, if you're okay with the price range that those place are at, you can also look at the Redeye Grill, Beacon, Bice or Fresco(a little more expensive). Those are all places that are frequented by people having business dinners... Also Bar Americain... although, that might be a bit touristy since it's Bobby Flay's restaurant... and more pricy. Also, have you used Menupages? You can look at all of the menus for those restaurants there and read people's reviews... you can also search by area of town and type of food. By the way... all of those places have decent/acceptable food for a business dinner.

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          Thanks for your input, I really aprreciate it. I've been searching all over, so I am starting to confuse myself a bit.

          I'll check out the ones you suggested and also look at menupages.

        2. No problem! Hope I didn't give you too many suggestions. :-) At some point, I think you just have to choose. lol. Be sure to make a reservation though for any of those places.

          1. $20 an entree for Italian or French is hard. If you can go up to closer to $30, you might want to try Trattoria del Arte, a venerable Italian restaurant. More like upper midtown (57th and 7th) but in the area and very reliable. Cafe un deux troix (44th between broadway and 6th so perhaps out of your area preference) is another oldie but I've heard it is increasingly unreliable. Limoncello, on seventh and 51st is another possibility (if it is still open, haven't been there for a few years). Ask for the round table in the corner for your group.

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              I'll look at these as well, thanks!