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Jan 4, 2007 06:16 PM

Sandwich rolls in Los Angeles area

Where can you find the best sandwich rolls in the Los Angeles area, I already know that Bay Cities in Santa Monica has good ones. TIA

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  1. Hate to say it, but I've had pretty good luck at Wholefoods.

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      My only prioblem with WF bread products is that they keep a lot of their 'fresh' breads frozen until it is stocked on the shelf. Not the baked in store product but the great selection of mostly sliced breads with a WF and other labels.

    2. Thees at the Farmers Market is quite good.

      1. I love the onion pockets at Canters in Hollywood. Very good!

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          1. Well, I can always rely on Vons Bakery for nice chewy Kaiser (water) rolls in the SGV.

          2. Of course it depends on what kind of sandwich!
            I like Giulianos in the South Bay for Italian subs.
            Telera rolls from Northgate or Big Saver have a good textured crust and are good for cubanos or Mexican tortas.
            Crispy baguettes for banh mi or darn near any sandwich, closest to me is Bristol Farms :-(. The fluffy ones from the budget bakeries don't cut it usually. La Brea and Trader Joes, no mas.

            When I remember/plan ahead, there are bakeries at the Torrance and Gardena (Saturday) CFMs that sell very good but pricey breads (gotta research this more).
            Generally bakeries are a weak point of the South Bay area.