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Jan 4, 2007 05:56 PM

best steak in SD???????

is there a better steak out there than the Cajun Ribeye at Mortons, OR the Filet at Ruth's? if so, please tell me...

I wondered if there is some secret place i dont know about?

i am looking to try a new place out for an upcoming bday party.

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  1. Donnavan's is the best IMO. Bone in Ribeye. I also had a great steak at JoRDaN at Tower 23 in PB.

    1. I've had good steak at a number of places in town. Manhattan in La Jolla, Fat City near downtown, Modus in Banker's Hill, the Linkery in North Park, Cafe Chloe downtown, Tajima in Kearny Mesa. I have yet to try Donovan's, though it's on the list of places I need to go.

      When the meat is good, it's hard to screw up a steak.

      Each of the places I listed has something about the steak preparation I really like. At Manhattan, they are thick New York steaks with a wide choice of excellent sauces - my favorite is the Fiorentina, which is lemon, garlic, and olive oil.

      Fat City grills their steaks over mesquite, which more than makes up for the average side dishes, IMO. They often offer USDA Prime bone-in ribeyes. Their banana cream pie is also very good.

      Modus dresses their steak with garlic and butter, and uses a nice thick sirloin cut. The fries it comes with are top notch. Ditto for Cafe Chloe (essentially the same steak preparation at both places, though I think Chloe's fries edge out Modus' a bit).

      Linkery uses a cut I've not seen elsewhere called a culotte steak, and it's very flavorful beef they get from a small provider (forgot the name).

      Tajima's steak I like because it's flame grilled and served with a delicious ponzu sauce. Not 100% sure of the cut, though I'm pretty sure it's sirloin.

      1. wow, thanks josh. that was a great response.

        would you say any of those compete with my personal faves the cajun ribeye or the filet (with the butter and the sizzle!)???

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          Well, I actually haven't had either of those. At Morton's I've had the prime rib (which I liked a lot), and at Ruth's Chris I've had porterhouse and rib-eye (which I also liked). I will seldom order filet, just because I prefer a cut with a little more fat.

          I might not be the best person to ask, because I'm only thinking about the steak itself and not any of the other considerations like ambience, side dishes, service, etc. (Things which I know might make a difference for a birthday party)

          Personally, I find both Morton's and Ruth's Chris (and LG's too) to be kind of overpriced for what you get. Of course, Manhattan is not cheap, steaks are around $25 apiece, but there are sides that come with the steak, and I feel it's a little better value for the money.

          Manhattan is dimly lit, tuxedoed waiters, some of whom will sing to any ladies in your party, and Italian style. They also have nice pasta and seafood options in addition to steaks. Some of their steak options include Steak Syracuse, which has a topping made from cherry peppers, the Fiorentina I mentioned, and another (whose name I forget) with a great brandy peppercorn sauce.

          That will probably be a better option for a party, I'm guessing.

          Fat City is a bit more casual, and the non-steak items are just OK. I really only go there when I want a nice mesquite rib-eye. It's a little more of a stripped down kind of experience.

          1. re: Josh

            Filet Oscar at Manhattan's is nice.

            1. re: stevuchan

              Good to know. I've had the Veal Oscar there and that was also good.

        2. The Cajun Rib Eye is fantastic. My mouth is watering as I write this.

          Rainwaters has a great selection of steaks that can't be beat. They also have a good selection for non meat eaters.

          Rainwaters also has some great rooms that can be used. They have a wine room that is great for a group of 6-8 people for a party.

          We also like Bully's in Mission Valley. They serve Prime and the they have a very casual atmosphere with great prices.

          When I want to do it at home, I will buy my own Prime at Iowa Meat Farms.

          1. Donovan's is the best steakhouse in the city. Rib-eye is excellent, as well as their filet. Salmon and chicken are also good. Service is always top notch and their side dishes are really good as well. I think they easily beat Rainwaters, Morton's and Ruth Chris'. Donovan's has several private rooms, so if you have a large # in your party, you could reserve one of them.

            Fleming's is pretty good as well, although they tend to "dress up" a lot of the dishes. ie: instead of a simple, well grilled steak, it's a steak w/ fancy sauces and side dishes.