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Jan 4, 2007 05:52 PM

recommends for "real" food in dallas.

i am visiting with my aunt who lives near north park. we are both from nyc and i live in sf. we both enjoy authentic ethnic food and do not want or need a lot of glitz or glamour. i will be in dallas for one week. we have a car and a half hour drive is fine. recommends for texas style bar-b-que, tex mex, mexican, southern, chinese, a great breakfast place, and if there are any places where new orleaneans folks are now cooking would be much appreciated. thank you.

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  1. Janeabby, Sammy's for BBQ, Manny's for Tex-Mex. You'll return to New York a Happy Camper.

    1. Try South Dallas Cafe at lunch for southern/soul food. Warning, it's kind of a sketchy neighborhood.

      There are two restaurants in Deep Ellum opened by relocated New Orleans natives, Daza and Crustaceans.

      1. Head over to the Belt Line/75/Greenville area for authentic Chinese. I-35 and Royal for Korean. Henk's European Deli (just behind the Half Price Books on Northwest Highway) will be good for a solid, German brunch. I second the nominations of Sammy's, Daza, and Crustaceans.

        1. I would add one more El Ranchito great mexican and a fun place

          1. All good recommendations. I would throw in Dodie's on Greenville. Nothing fancy but their oyster po boy is as good as any I ever had at Felix's, Acme, or Ugelisichs (since you sound familiar with Nola). Also, if you want to drive to Oak Cliff or if you're willing to drive to Oak Cliff, Hattie's is fantastic and very much reminds me of something you would find in New Orleans - upscale southern Creole.