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Jan 4, 2007 05:44 PM

Upstream Seafood closed?

Hi there, went to Upstream Seafood Market in Silver Spring the other day and it was closed up and dark. Their phone number has a recorded message saying the number has been disconnected?

Anybody know if they are closed for good, or have they just maybe moved locations (I hope!)?


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  1. They closed a few months ago, saying they hoped to reopen, but it's obviously not gonna happen at this point.

    1. Terrible location, high prices, and the competing Cameron's within a mile did them in. Just my opinion.

      1. Prices were high, but the seafood was uniformly fantastic. Cameron's occasionally has good stuff, but many a time I've walked in, the place smelled off, and nothing in the glass looked fresh.

        But I agree about the location. Weird place for an upscale seafood counter.

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        1. re: DanielK

          I thought it was a bad location, and I use that cleaners and shop at that Staples. If you're going to have a poor location, you need to advertise. Not sure if Upstream ever did.

        2. Arthur (I think that was his name??) did know his seafood, having managed the fish dept. of some Giants for years, but I agree the location wasn't well selected, to put it mildly. Seems to me a store like that should be "next door" to a big supermarket, even one with a fish counter. That spot has traffic on Georgia Ave., but not too many people with fish on their minds are going by, particularly since it was hard to get to on the predominant way home, but only when exiting the Beltway and heading toward DC. He may have gotten a good rent deal there, but even if so it was no bargain.

          1. Sad story. Like the place a lot. It was at least one level above Cameron's -- fresher, better selection, nicer staff. Miss them greatly.

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            1. re: repete

              RiverFalls seafood, amazingly enough at River and Falls in Potomac, is even better than Upstream was, though more expensive to boot.