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Jan 4, 2007 05:38 PM

Top Chef 2 - Seven Sins...What would you have done?

I was thinking last night about what I would have made for this Top Chef episode representing the seven sins. So, I figured, I'd see what people here would do.

Keeping with the same courses for the same sins, what would you have made? Pick one, or pick them all, whichever you choose.

Wrath (Sam) - appetizer
Sloth (Betty) - appetizer (I was going to make this difficult and say soup course, but changed my mind)
Greed (Cliff) - entree
Envy (Michael) - entree
Pride (Elia) - entree
Gluttony (Ilan) - dessert
Lust (Marcel) - dessert

For example, for Lust - dessert, I would have chosen a small bite of dark chocolate mousse with a fudge sauce accented with chipotle pepper. Just a teaspoon would leave the guests wanting more and the heat in the sauce would represent burning passion.

What are your ideas?

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  1. Brilliant lust idea--leaving them wanting more, which is such a great analog for lust food-wise.

    1. We are already discussing this in the other thread -- starting with wingman's comment (ctrl:F "oysters" if you are interested in finding where this bit begins)

      1. They didn't have to be in that order and since I just watched the show - Tivo - I haven't spent a lot of time on this but aside from what many of us saw as an obvious oysters appetizer for lust (see the other thread on this episode), I was thinking that for Gluttony go with a main course of a major hunk of roasted red meat - standing rib roast with everyone getting a large bone slice (a la Henry VIII) served with hearty roasted root vegetables and perhaps even surrounded by smaller stuffed game birds. I know they have a limited budget though. I just can't get past the visuals of that or perhaps huge roasted stuffed Turkey legs.

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        1. re: laylag

          I know they didn't have to be in that order. But, I thought it would be interesting to figure out a dish according to what course the Top Chefs picked.

          1. re: laylag

            I think one way they could have achieved that without blowing the budget would have been to present it all on one ornate platter.

            1. re: amkirkland

              Exactly. To me, gluttony is excess in a Henry VIII-ish manner.

          2. Wrath (Sam) - Tom yum
            Sloth (Betty) - escargot
            Greed (Cliff) - maybe a sushi plate of a huge scoop of salmon roe over 2 pieces of rice
            Envy (Michael) - sole w/pesto
            Pride (Elia) - peacock
            Gluttony (Ilan) - ???
            Lust (Marcel) - molten chocolate cake w/rum

            (edit: Envy (Michael) - make that rooster w/pesto)

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            1. re: OCAnn

              While I was watching the show my first instinct was for Betty to do Escargot, and for pride I also thought of peacock! haha...Can you eat a peacock?

              1. re: King of Northern Blvd

                Well...I think you can eat almost anything; it's just not common (since other cultures eat foods other than what I'm used to). I think I'd prepare it like pheasant.

                1. re: King of Northern Blvd

                  I loved the idea of the seven deadly sins. Sloth is related to dirty, so I would probably do a decadent dirty rice dish, or some kind of whimsical dirt pie, or something that looked like dirt. Or something in squid ink. I loved the fact that Elia chose the roasted chicken. They all played it pretty safe. Marcel stop with the foam and what was lustful about his dessert? How about a dessert where you wanted to lick the plate?

                  1. re: sharonm

                    I believe sloth = lazy/slow/indolence, not dirty.

              2. Wrath (Sam) - Something fiery and spicy - maybe steal the idea of david burke and make an angry lobster

                Sloth (Betty) - appetizer - Sloth is laziness. maybe a raw soup or even something as simple as shucked oysters. I wouldn't think slow roasted here

                Greed (Cliff) - entree - Decadence - Kobe beef and butter poached lobster.

                Envy (Michael) - entree - This is the one I'm having trouble with. The first thing that came to mind would be to do two fishes, one simply prepared like poached so all its natural glory can shine and one all gussied up to make it taste good. the thought being that the fish that doesn't need a lot of work to make it taste good would be the envy of the other piece. Or maybe some sort of dualing shrimp ceviches with maybe u-8's on one plate and 21-30's on another.. play around with size envy.

                Pride (Elia) - entree - Maybe make a crown rack of lamb and get some enormous serving platter to carve it tableside. I had something similar at a restaurant where they served me an entire frenched rack of lamb and brought it out on a huge copper tray, almost as big as the table.. certainly looked prideful.

                Gluttony (Ilan) - dessert - the most decadent hot fudge sundae. what else is a symbol of gluttony besides a huge mound of ice cream with hot fudge, brownie, etc... maybe even serve it in a huge goblet for the table..

                Lust (Marcel) - dessert - at a loss for a lustful desert too...
                maybe some candy, like a lollipop or a play on chocolate covered strawberries with champagne maybe plate it with one dish for two people and strongly recommend having them serve each other..

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                1. re: ESNY

                  shucked oysters...hmmm..that borders on lust for me. Oh yes..yes yes!!!