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Jan 4, 2007 05:16 PM

Kangaroo Meat - where and how?

My husband (an Aussie) and I host an annual Australia Day barbecue at the end of January and this year, we'd like to track down some kangaroo meat.

I have heard that Whitehouse Meats carries it, but that they carry only the rump and tail. My husband says the tail is basically "dogfood" back home. So that leaves the rump -- does anyone know if this is a good or bad cut of meat, and more importantly, how it could be prepared without too much fuss?

The menu includes an assortment of sausages from the Chorizo sausage place at the north market/St. Lawrence, lamb cutlets marinated in rosemary, garlic and OO and a fresh mint sauce, giant prawns with a coconut and green curry glaze, salads and sides, a couple of cases of Cricket Pitch, and all the Cooper's we could carry out of the LCBO last week. Oh, and a wicked Pavlova if I say so myself.

Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. You might want to try searing the rump followed by a braise, it would be a simple no-fuss method to prepare it. You may also want to post this question on the Home Cooking board.

    As for other sources, I don't know if I can help. Did Whitehouse have any suggestions of other suppliers?

    You could try contacting some of the offices on this page, many are located in Toronto:

    1. Don't know about the kangaroo, but you can surprise you guests' kids with Violet Crumble Bars. Sugar Mountain is carrying them again! I grabbed a bunch just before Christmas at their Richmond St location. Now, if I could only convince them to bring in Minties, Jaffas and Tim Tams.

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        Ooooooohhh....Violet Crumble! I'm going to pick up a package as a surprise for sure! Thanks for that. Re: TimTams, we've exhausted every possible lead in the city, along with Vegemite. WholeFoods doesn't carry it anymore.

        1. re: Kai

          Yes, we too haven't had much luck finding Australian stuff in Toronto recently. We've been responsible for many a family member or friend's suitcases being stuffed with goodies.

          Things are much better south of the border with a few online stores available. A few years ago when we lived in California, we used to frequent the storefront of this online business:

          We haven't put in an order, but they are supposed to deliver to Canada.

          1. re: Kai

            Hi Kai, have you tried No Frills for the Vegemite? The BF bought a jar at the Cabbagetown location (Parliament, just south of Carlton) a while back. Not sure if that means Loblaws would also carry it if that's more convenient for you.

            As for Tim Tams, I've read posts on them here before- just did a search and came up with two recent threads (along with another older one), all in Toronto, on the hunt for the elusive Tim Tams. One of them was also looking for Penguins- no idea what they are, but I'm intrigued!



            Good luck finding everything.

            - Lea

            1. re: Canada Eats

              HI Lea,

              Thanks for the lead about getting some Vegemite at the No Frills. I suspect your BF may have gotten one of the last jars in the city! We used to get it directly from the supplier whose name we got from our local Loblaws. This was three years ago.

              Loblaws isn't carrying it any longer, but I did hear that its supplier wasn't getting it from the U.S. any longer as there is something about the high level of folic acid in it, which is beyond what the FDA approves. Literally, it's contraband now. So much so, that my husband's cousin who flew in through LAX, had two jars (for us!) removed from her luggage by the customs official, last week.

              1. re: Kai

                Do you mean to tell me that jar has likely been sitting in our cupboard for how many years?! Actually, he moved into this place about a year ago, so now I'm wondering how old it was when he bought it...

                Anyway, if I happen to spot it next time I'm in there, I'll let you know.

                That's crazy about LAX- so good to know someone's looking out for our health and well-being ;).

                - Lea

        2. Can't say I've ever cooked kangaroo myself but when visiting Australia it was served to me in a stew, which was very accessible to those who were squeamish about trying it (small pieces, tender, etc.). No idea about how to BBQ.

          As an aside, I think you can get emu in Toronto (no idea where), but you've probably already covered that.

          1. When I lived in Australia I loved it in a red curry. It was cheaper than beef and even than lamb. But if you're going to that much trouble to procure it, I bet you don't want to cover the taste that much.

            1. Pardon this brief interruption, please do continue to discuss local purveyors of food items, however "what to do" with a given item, or how to cook a given item, or the exchange of a recipe are off topic for this regional board.

              Please discuss food in general terms on the General Topics board and specific recipes or suggested preparations on the Home Cooking board. That will help maintain the value of Chowhound's regional boards as a data trove of information about WHERE deliciousness can be found in a given regional area.