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Jan 4, 2007 04:54 PM

Any good sodas out there with no corn syrup??

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm addicted to pop. More specifically, Coke. I have been working to weed all high fructose corn syrup out of my diet, but I’m coming to a road block when it comes to Coke. I can’t drink diets (cant deal with the taste or headaches) and I have tried alternatives like Whole Foods brand Cola (I didn’t like the taste).

So I'm asking, well begging, if anyone knows of a great tasting Cola that does not contain corn syrup. I know that it would be simpler to just cut pop out of my diet, but let a girl indulge! I would be forever indebted if someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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  1. Not sure where you are, but if you can, try Wild Oats Natural Soda.

    No HFCS.
    No Caffeine.
    No artificial flavors.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      I too,like the original Coke but recently enjoyed the Coke Zero.One other thing,being forty five minutes from Ocean Spray Cranberry processors in Plymouth,Massachusetts,I I had faith in their products until I found out they add high frucose corn syrup to their juices.Never again.

    2. I had a G.U.P. (Grown Up Soda) at Dean and Deluca that was very good, I think it was the ruby red grapefruit one. I think Coke is too hard to overcome though!

      1. Drink Coke.

        But buy it at a Mexican import grocery, or at a Jewish grocery at Passover. It's made with real sugar instead of HFCS. Read the label, tho. Some Mexican bottlers are shifting their "export" Coke to HFCS because it's cheaper. And as long as you're going to the Mexican grocer anyway, check out the Jarritos sodas from Mexico. No HFCS; only sugar. They do use artificial flavors, though.

        Also, if you can live without the carbonation, Nantucket Nectars uses only cane sugar and fruit juices for sweeteners, never HFCS.

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        1. re: Loren3

          Thank you Loren3! I went to Mexico a few times when I was younger and I couldnt figure out why the Coke tasted so much better down there. I always thought it was the glass bottle! I'll definitly try to find a Mexican grocer! Thanks again!

          1. re: thunderbug84

            Also during the Jewish holidays there is Kosher coke that is made with real sugar.

            I don't like artificial sweeteners either. Maybe this isn't a solution, but I was able to switch to flavored carbonated water with lemon or lime like Calistoga ... no sugar at all. For me, though, it was about the fizz, so I am happy with these.

            1. re: rworange

              I drink very little Coke, but make a point to stock up during Passover and that's all I drink during the year. I can't stand the HFCS version.

              1. re: heathermb

                Why not just buy Mexican Cokes with sugar? They sell them all over Boston, and you get to drink your Cokes in single-serve glass bottles as nature intended instead of those awful 2-liter jugs.

          2. re: Loren3

            Sad but true; Mexican Coke is now made with corn syrup as far as I can tell. We shop at Mercado Central in MPLS and a couple other C.A. specialty markets, and all that we can find now is high fructosed garbage.

            Cane sugar tastes so much better to me in Coca-Cola, but the U.S. uses corn and Mexico uses sugar cane. Read more at the attached story:


            Thanks NAFTA.

            1. re: Foureyes137

              I have a bottle of Mexican coke in the fridge. It's great for migraines. I get it at the local mom and pop store in my neighborhood in northern California. I bought this bottle within the last two months. Sugar only. No corn syrup.

              1. re: Judith

                Lucky you! I wish we could still get it here. On the bright side we;ve had it served to us in restaurants, but these are bottles that are quite old. Still good though!

              2. re: Foureyes137

                I was lucky to be walking down the imports aisle in my local Kroger (Bloomington, IN) and there in the Mexican section was the "Real Thing". Coke from Mexico made with sugar. I bought one to share with my DH and let the rest of the people in my dining group know about it. I told them to complain loudly if there wasn't any more. I haven't been in today to see if they have restocked. We split our bottle and my DH remarked it has been a long time since he had a Coke.

                1. re: Foureyes137

                  I just this afternoon had a Mexican Coke here in Boston that quite specifically listed sugar, not HFCS, as its sweetener.

                  1. re: Foureyes137

                    Cardenas (a large Mexican grocery chain in Nevada and Southern California) has Mexican coke made from sugar. They had a big sign advertising such in front of their display of the stuff in the individual serving bottles at their store in Las Vegas yesterday. Look for it in Mexican groceries in large cities. OTOH, I have a fondness for Sidral Mundet (a Mexican apple-flavored soda)...and I justified buying two big bottles of the stuff when at Cardenas yesterday by pointing out to DH that it has no corn syrup AND it was only 99 cents for the liter bottle! (Although I'm sure it has other "not good for you stuff in it"...but the label DOES say "made with natural flavors:-)

                2. I'd love to cut out corn syrup as much as possible too. Love the Mexican Coca-cola with cane sugar, with a bonus for coming in a small glass bottle.

                  Also partial to Boylans black cherry soda, and Virgils Root Beer (very wintergreeny, not for everyone...)

                  1. Try Boylan's Cane Cola as an alternative. The entire Boylan's line is great - no HFCS and everything comes in a glass bottle.

                    Carver's ginger ale is a great cola alternative. Pure cane sugar, glass bottles and no HFCS.

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                    1. re: CDouglas

                      I love Boylan's cane cola and black cherry soda, which are sweetened with sugar. But some of Boylan's products, such as their root beer and creme soda, do list "sugar and/or corn syrup" on their ingredient lists.

                      1. re: MPH

                        Are you seeing that on the bottles? On their website not one of their products has corn syrup listed as an ingredient. Guess I need to order a sampler case and find out for myself.

                        1. re: CDouglas

                          Thank you for pointing out that Boylan’s “Natural” root beer, etc., is made with just sugar while their unnatural (not trademarked) root beer may contain corn syrup.

                          I recalled seeing corn syrup on bottles of root beer and creme soda, then double-checked the ingredients online:



                          However, Boylan’s Natural root beer does not list corn syrup as a possible ingredient:


                          There’s a Boylan’s Natural creme vanilla soda, too.

                          1. re: MPH

                            Not just the "Natural" versions but all versions do not have corn syrup listed as an ingredient anywhere on Boylan's website:

                            I am going to go with them before

                            1. re: CDouglas

                              Fair enough. For what it's worth, though, I have seen "sugar and/or corn syrup" listed on bottles of Boylan's not-natural root beer and creme soda that were purchased from within the last six months.

                      2. re: CDouglas

                        I'm with 55. Be careful, not all of Boylan's line is HFCS. For a full line of HFCS free soda try If you are in the Connecticut area, I think they are readily available. They ship too but that gets pricey but it is well worth it.