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Jan 4, 2007 04:42 PM

Need Canning Jars in LA

Canning time has come and I need canning jars and lids. Any ideas where to get in the Silverlake/LA area? Thanks!

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  1. Many grocery stores, including Ralphs carry them. But they also tend to be a seasonal item (Spring, Summer) so they might be out. I would call around first. In a pinch, Sur La Table and Surfas sell fancier ones year round.

    1. Try Smart and Final.

      1. I looked all over and couldn't locate any small jars (in the Burbank/valley area) - so I ordered them from They weren't terribly expensive, even with shipping, and they sell other canning supplies that are harder to come by (like pickling lime).

        I found quart jars at the Pavilions on Alameda in Burbank before Christmas.

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          I like ordering items from Not canning jars, though. Those I get at Osh.

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            I have checked WalMart and they don't carry them - at least the one in Monrovia.

          2. This question was asked a bit ago by Pei... I think she got hers at Smart and Final...



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              Yup, Smart n' Final had both pints and quarts. Ralphs has little tiny ones, but they're more expensive.

              I've learned my lesson. Going forward, I'm keeping all appropriately sized mayo and sauce jars so I only have to buy rings and lids for future projects.