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Jan 4, 2007 04:27 PM

Light Lunch at Home

My husband and I both work at home and I'm always trying to think of things that are quick, easy and light on the calories for lunch. It can be a challenge.
I'm not a huge fan of "lettuce salads" at lunch for various reasons. My husband has a high metabolism and can eat what he wants. I'm always in the position of wishing I were a few pounds lighter.

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  1. What about soups? Roasted tomato, white onion, butternut squash, chicken and corn chowder are three of our faves. A bit bowl of any of those give you most of your veg. intake for the day, can be made in large quantities and frozen, and can be made virtually fat-free.

    Or paninis. DH loves brie and apple, whereas I prefer low-fat mozzarella and tomatoes marinated in garlic, chilis and balsamic. Any filling goes, and all taste better warm!

    My friend's fave lunch is half an avocado filled with 2 tbsp cottage cheese, a drizzle of balsamic and a few crushed nuts on top.

    I'm eating chickpea salad, leftover grilled sirloin and roasted vegetables with harissa and allspice for lunch today (left over from last night's healthy dinner.)

    Hope that helps!

    1. I love baked chicken and veges. You can buy already cooked chicken or make your own. I buy ONLY Kosher 'cause there's no hormones or chemicals. (I buy at Trader Joe's). Serve your hubby a baked potato or share a small sweet potato - make in microwave.

      Hummus and babaganouj are also good sources or protein and goes well with dolma, veges and a little couscous. I love to add spicy olives to the mix. For Hubby add cheese and pita.

      1. I also work half from home...and I love cheese crackers and salami.It always just hits the spot.
        I do lots of leftovers but I am a big fan of soups as well.
        Chicken salad or pimento cheese are always good sandwiches.

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          One of my absolute favorite meals of all time is a french baguette, cheese, salami, and grapes! Can't get much easier than that!

        2. I'll ditto the soup. I work from home as well, as does my husband. He'll usually eat dinner leftovers, but if I did that, I'd be big as a house. I love a bowl of soup and half a toasted bagel or a toasted cheese sandwich or sometimes a hot turkey and cheese sandwich with it. Soup is filling, satisfying, and it's one of the (few) ways I get my veggies.

          I will eat leftovers if there is leftover rice - I like to add some shredded chicken or turkey and maybe toss in some broccoli and reheat that all together. Makes a nice alternative once in a while.

          1. Humu sandwiches are my favorite quick and easy lunch to make. And healthy.