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Jan 4, 2007 04:15 PM

Tea Cakes on Holly st in Pasadena

I have a recollection of seeing a blurb about a purveyor of tea cakes in an very very very tiny storefront in pasadena on holly street (???). Anyone have any clue whatsoever about it???

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  1. Sorry to report that it has closed.

    1. and its' a pity, too, because they were EXCELLENT! i can't find anywhere else that makes similar teacakes. has anyone found anything similar to the old honeybaby teacakes?

      1. Is it Violet's? That's the only cakey place I know on Hollys in that area.

        EDIT: guess not - one of the comments oddly didn't show until now.

        1. I believe I saw in another thread there was a teacakes store on Holly that is sadly gone now. Violets does not have teacakes - only the ubiquitous cupcakes.