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Tonny's in Pasadena, so what to get?

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You guys keep mentioning so might finally give it a try, but what to get? Is it a sit-down restaurant or a Mexican fast food stand (and is it regional Mex or what?0 thanks.

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  1. Check out my post here! I have some pictures! :)


    A def. must get is the Chile Verde... I haven't had better in Los Angeles ANYWHERE. Also the juice drinks pack a punch... get a small though, they are really hearty. :



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        Hubbie loved the birria (I didn't because I have low tolerance for sour food).

        Chili Rellenos are quite good there. Son liked the carnitas burrito there too.

      2. birria sounds awesome, and is chile verde just the chile or is it with meat, thanks.

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          Chile Verde is made with Green Chiles and Pork... Excellent.. :)


        2. I took my Mexican friend and she said that the Chile Verde is some of the best she has ever had. I love their posole, so that is what I get. I would stay away from their al pastor and carne asada - not so good (there are other places in the area that do them much, much better). I got their taquitos one time and was definitely not impressed. Fruit drinks. Their tortillas are really good, too.

          1. any non-pork dishes that are good there? or not except for the juices.

            1. The cochinita pibil is I think better than El Portal's, much more reliably moist and tender, and a heck of a lot cheaper. AND bigger. Second the rec for birria (which I did not find remotely "sour", but people have different mouth chemistry), though my last order was a bit more chewy than I was expecting. The chiles rellenos and all those other mainstream standbys are better than average, too. I also got an "American" breakfast one day with fried catfish and eggs, a combo I fell in love with at the Cracker Barrel restaurants in the Southeast, and it was slap-yer-granny good. The one disappointment so far has been the lengua - neither as tender nor as richly flavored as I wanted.

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                OOooops...sorry! Tonny's does NOT have cochinita pibil! That was my memory being creative again (I'd say a sign of age, except it's been doing it for years!)...and now I have to try to figure out where it was I *DID* eat some that was both good and cheap. I think it was the chile verde I was thinking of.

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                  Maybe Dona Rosa? Theirs is cheap and good (although I wouldn't know if it's authentic).

              2. My wife, no fan of Mexican food, really likes their chicken soup. I like their chile verde and beef vegie soup. I really haven't had anything I didn't like here, having eaten about four times.

                1. Is there take-out? And what are the prices like? It's right down the street from me, so I'm excited to try it out.

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                    I am sure they will do take out. I think the platters are like $8.99?