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Jan 4, 2007 03:36 PM


Hi: Believe it or not I cannot find KingArthur Bread Flour on the upper east side. Any help? Allen

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  1. Odd...well have you tried any of the "Whole Foods" stores?? I was there recently, and they had a nice selection of flours.

    1. Just curious if you found King Arthur Bread Flour? I've been looking as well.

      1. You can simply buy some gluten and add it to your regular, all purpose king arthur flour to make your own bread flour. There should be a ratio on the box of gluten to help you figure out how much to add. You can find vital gluten at Whole Foods and most health-food stores. Good luck!

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          Makes complete sense, thanks. If anyone is interested here's the ratio:
          1 cup of all-purpose white flour + 1 tsp of vital wheat gluten
          OR the amount of vital wheat gluten to be added is 2% of the flour weight

        2. I was also looking for King Arthur bread flour. Went to Whole Foods in Union Square,
          and while they do have a nice selection of King Arthur flours, they don't carry bread flour (I asked).

          I ended up ordering it from Baker's Catalogue.

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            Try using Harvest King bread flour. Should be available at most Gristedes and Fairway.