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Jan 4, 2007 03:35 PM

Degustation for Wife's Birthday- How many dishes to fill us up and/or recent experiences?

I realize the portions are small but am curious if we should each do the 5 course tasting menu or tear through the menu ourselves? I'm assuming the portions are going to be too small to actually share.


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  1. i'd suggest just picking your own plates instead of the tasting menu. the portions are small, but you could have a forkful or so of each other's dishes (but not too much more than that). the food is wonderful there, and it's fun to watch it all being prepared in front of you. enjoy!

    1. When I went for my own birthday we had the tasting menu. Yes, the plates were small, but I also don't need much to fill me up. We did end up ordering an extra plate simply because it was one we really wanted to try that wasn't part of the tasting and I was stuffed. All in all a really wonderful night, you'll def have fun whichever way you choose to go.