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Jan 4, 2007 03:28 PM

Buying bulk meat in the GTA


I am tring to find a way to buy frozen bulk meat. I remember there used to be companies that delivered it...but that was ages ago!

Does anyone know of a company that still does bulk freezer packages?


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  1. Probably Cosco? I don't know but my uncle goes to Costco for that sort of can probably make arrangements with a small grocery or a butcher's shop.....I know Nicey's (a Caribbean Store) has a great fresh Meat/Butcher's area...maybe you could get in contact with them and see?

    1. Yes, Beretta Organics ( does, but I don't know what kind of meat and price you're looking for. It would be a step up from Costco prices, for sure, but Beretta does deliver. As I remember, they used to do a side or quarter of beef, though I don't see it on their website anymore; you could e-mail them and see what kind of price they'd give you for such an order. Whatever I've ordered from them has always arrived, at my door, frozen in vacuum packs.

      You could also consider Fresh from the Farm (, which would be less pricey, but that would require pick-up from their location.

      1. Have you tried the St. Lawrence Market? The butchers down there are normally pretty accommodating, and may be able to help you.

        1. I got a small order of beef in December from It was wrapped, frozen and delivered to a pickup point in Toronto on a Saturday. They also dropped off orders in Missisauga and Richmond Hill on the same day.The next delivery is March 3, 2007.
          My order was a selection of well raised Ont. beef from one farm; custom orders, organic beef, and Berkshire cross pork are available. Prices are quite low because there is no wholesaler or advertising, just a group of farmers promoting their products online.

          1. we usually get a 1/4 hind of beef every 4-5 from Eddystone Meat (on Eddystone, near jane & finch). Its great because you go there and tell them how you would like it divided (they also age the beef on their property). The only problem is that it is fresh, so you would have to freeze it yourself. But it is delicious!

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