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Jan 4, 2007 03:19 PM

modern cuisine in prague

i just got back from prague and had quite an amazing meal at hergetova cicelna. located on the water and right next to the kafka musuem this place shows that prague knows how to step it up when it comes to modernizing their food. three apps, three entrees and a bottle of local champagne came to about $150 American. Reservations are suggested.

Hergetova Cihelna
Cihelna 2b
Praha 1 Mala Strana
420 257 535 534

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  1. Are you insane? For that amount of money for dinner in Praha, you should automatically become a partner in the restaurant!

    The next time, get thee to:

    Zahrada v Opere
    Legerova 75
    Praha 1

    Tel +420 224 239 685

    It’s located in the rear of the office building next to the Statní opera (the State Opera, not the Národní divadlo – National Theatre – on the river). The food is modern, the atmosphere cozy, and the prices unbelievable!

    The last time I was there, I had a mussel and saffron soup with citrus fruits that was one of the most exquisite things I have ever tasted.

    I would think that cocktails, three courses, a bottle of wine, and coffee would run about $70 for two. (Oh – but your dear old dollar is dropping, isn’t it?)

    - Mrs. K.

    1. The exchange rate (late 90's) was really good, and every dinner felt like a bargain, high end or low end. Had plenty of beer, salty stew and traditional overcooked meat (lots of game) which somehow managed to be edible. I credit knedliky the humble dumpling, and strangely that's what I miss the most.

      Praha possibly would have been magical even without food, and that's the ultimate compliment for one of the most insanely romantic cities I've ever visited.


      1. We had a most enjoyable at Hergetova Cihelna last October. Arrived in the early evening, watched the sunset, then the lights at night. Beautiful setting - get a table with a good view of the river. Very good food and good service. We had planned to eat and then leave to attend a concert. It was so relaxing that we just stayed. Yes - it is probably geared to foreigners so not as inexpensive as some more local places, but it's still a very lovely spot for a nice dinner.