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Jan 4, 2007 03:02 PM

Gas Range - NOT Stainless

I know this sounds crazy, but I'm trying to find a good gas range, pref. 48" 4 burner with a 24" griddle, in ANYTHING but stainless steel. I know perfectly well that all the "commercial-esque" ranges are going to be stainless, because that's what real commercial ranges are made out of, but stainless steel just does not fit in my mental imagine of the kitchen I'm trying to design. Price is really no object (we're still in blue-sky territory here as far as design goes) but i can't find anything that fits the bill. I've checked Blue Star, Viking, Bosch, Kennmore, Wolf...what am I missing? Where else should I look? Is this something I need to just give up on?

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  1. You might want to consider La Cornue for a great gas range, with a wide array of styles, set ups/configurations, finishes, said price was not the object, so check it out...

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      oohhh...interesting. And comes with copper trim! Which would be perfect. Although...does anybody know what they mean by a "gas solid top" as a cooktop configuration option? It's shown on the diagram as a big rectangle with a circle in the middle? And what the heck is a "reversible snack plate"?

    2. I too am pretty well over the ubiquity of stainless kitchens, so I went vintage.
      On the West Coast it is very easy to procure an antique O'Keefe & Merritt stove. I bought one and had it refurbished - it cooks like a dream and looks like a 1950-something Cadillac. The chrome is killer or you can go with colors or plain white. Often, you can find one with a built-in, center griddle. The only drawback is energy efficiency but since I conserve in other areas, I don't sweat it.

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        That's an interesting idea, but the range is essentially going onto an island (actually an 'el', but you get the idea) so it can't have a built in back-splash as big as the ones you get on vintage stoves.

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          What a great idea. A quick google search turned up these guys. I may need to rethink my La Cornue dream.

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            Btw, I first read that as "looks like a dream and cooks like a 1950-something Cadillac" and spent about a minute trying to figure out how a Cadillac cooks before I realized that I can't read.

          2. What about an AGA? They're anything but stainless.

            Good quality too, and available as dual fuel models (IIRC).

            1. The rectangle with the concentric circles could be a french top, which is the coolest way to cook with lots of pots and pans. I use it all the time on my range. You'll have to let us all know if you go this route...

              1. Could you do a separate oven and cooktop? My JennAir cooktop is white enamel, not stainless steel. 5 burners.