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Jan 4, 2007 02:55 PM

Cooking Light City Rankings

I didn't notice a topic already started on this...but the new Cooking Light magazine has a number of Midwest cities ranked in their "20 Best Cities" in America that "encompass the finest in healthful cuisine and lifestyle.

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  1. Cool. Online link available? I don't subscribe to this mag but would love to see the list.

    1. I do subscribe Indy and I can tell you its cooking light if you Google it comes up but you wont learn much just be pimped to subscribe. While the 20 best cities piece was cool I would not rush a check in just to see it. In my opinion Cooking Light is the most frustrating mag and I intend to let my subscription laps. They have good writers but it’s about 80% advertising and any good writing they produce is so lost in the ads they are hard to follow

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        I like the healthy recipes in cooking light.. There are lots of ads, but other than Cook's Illustrated, what magazine doesn't these days??

      2. Wow--Minneapolis (at #4) beat San Francisco (at #5.)