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Jan 4, 2007 02:54 PM

We just got a Cheeburger Cheeburger...

We just got a Cheeburger Cheeburger and it looks pretty appealing... Is it worth giving it a try? I love burgers. And the shake selection is mind boggling. Are the salads good?

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  1. We have one by us in Westfield, NJ. At first we loved it but then the manager seemed to disappear and leave it to be run by a bunch of teenagers/too young adults and things went downhill dramatically. Service has gotten really problematic.

    They do make pretty decent burgers and their malteds are awesome, I'll give you that! For some reason not a lot of places do malteds any more, shakes are a dime a dozen but not a malt.

    I guess it may have more to do with who is running the show store to store, since the food itself is probably standard from the same supplier and is better than average.

    We haven't been there in quite a while, since another local restaurant nearby started serving really incredibly great burgers of very high quality. If they'd serve malteds too I'd be set!

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    1. re: sivyaleah

      I live close to Westfield. Which local restaurant are you referring to that serves incredibly great burgers? I'd like to try it. Thanks.

      1. re: hotdoglover

        First, I want to say I was at this CC about a month or so ago and it has improved since I was there in January. So, maybe managment has changed, or they started to pay attention to the problems they were having.

        Actually there are two other places in the area which serve really good bugers.

        Jeffrey's in Westfield, makes a wonderful burger, however, I think you can only get it when you sit outside - it's on their "patio" menu. I don't think they serve it at all in the winter - well, maybe for lunch - I don't remember off-hand. Anyway, If you eat indoors in the summer, I'm almost positive you can't order it. It's really high quality meat, served with hand-cut fries, your choice of cheese. Really a suburb burger. They also make a darn good onion ring - don't remember if you can sub it for the fries tho. They also just started to offer a "Kobe" style burger too, but I haven't tried it yet.

        The Tavern in Scotch Plains (which is a sister restaurant to The Stagehouse) makes an incredibly delish burger too. Good fries here too. I don't remember if there are onion rings on the menu.

        Both places have a bar - that might make up for the lack of shakes :-) Jeffreys actually has an amazing array of wines - the chef (Jeffrey) apparently is quite the expert and cellars a large amount on the premises. The Tavern has turned out to be quite the local hang-out as far as the bar scene is concerned, and in the summer you can eat outside on their patio area, which is very lovely.

        These places won't come in much more expensive than Cheeburger Cheeburger and, if you don't have kids, and don't want the high-intensity atmosphere of CC, give the other two a try.

        1. re: sivyaleah

          Thanks; I will try the other 2 places.

    2. I think you live in my area of NJ...we tried the one in PA by the Oxford Valley mall awhile ago and while the food was OK, they won't cook their burgers anything less than medium and we like at least medium-rare. We haven't gone back since there's a Red Robin right across the street and we prefer their burgers.

      The atmosphere is fun since it's a whole 50's diner theme, but from what I can remember (this was at least 2 years ago) our waitress was more interested in talking to her friends at another table then waiting on us. But the shakes were good.

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      1. re: SarahEats

        Yeah, you must live right by me. I am right near the Red Robin too...

        Guess I will give Cheeburger Cheeburger a try, just out of curiosity. Apparently one of my relatives is already on the wall of fame for eating the one-pounder they sell there.

        1. re: SarahEats

          I forgot about that aspect, that they won't do anything less than medium. I also like medium-rare and that was an issue. Another reason we head off to the other (and better) place nearby.

        2. I like their burgers "okay" but I love, love, love their chocolate malts.

          1. I don't eat beef and went there when it opened here in Buffalo and had a salad and malt. The salad was (at best) so-so. I got it with marinated mushrooms and chicken and they were very stingy with toppings (I am sure this will fluxuate based on location). The malt was GREAT. Then again, I am a sweet-freak, who is happy as long as it is sweet and I can get "it" with peanut butter. Long waits for the food and the seating was crowded. At the end of the day, still gourmet fast food but I would go again for the malt!

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            1. re: L_W

              We have one in N. Potomac, MD. The salads are OK; my family likes the burgers/kids meals. You can get burgers cooked less than medium rare - just wink at the server, and say "as close to MR as possible." The burgers at Fuddruckers are better, IMO.

              1. re: nickdanger

                Since when do the servers cook the food? The wait staff has no control over how the cooks are preparing the food. I would bet money that the server doesn't even ask the cook. And why in god's name would you wink. How does that help? You are asking someone to break corporate rules. Rules that are there for a reason. All for you to have a burger cooked 5 degrees lower.

            2. We have several in the Raleigh, NC area. First off, staff was really friendly. That seems to be a treat now a days. We entered the restaruant and were greated by a young guy who sat us on the patio. The patio area was huge! I was very impressed. We ordered 2 burgers, 2 kids meals, large onion rings, and 2 shakes. Though it may seem a little expensive, I just happen to have about a million free side coupons that I got at the gas station. We walked out paying 27 dollars including 15% tip!!!! Not too shabby for a family of four. I like the concept, like the staff, and love the food! It is a must try. But don't go if you are in a hurry. These babies are made to order.

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              1. re: lessnow59

                Just as an update, the ones I knew of in the Raleigh area have closed. Good food but abysmal service.

                1. re: Suzy Q

                  "Good food but abysmal service."

                  That's probably because cheapskates lke lessnow59 think that 15 percent is a good tip for great service.

                  1. re: Philthadelphian

                    Do you really think that supercilious comments like this add value to the discussion?