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Jan 4, 2007 02:41 PM

Las Vegas eating solo

I'm going to Las Vegas in 2 weeks. It will be my first time going solo. Any suggestions for chow worthy places where a person will feel comfortable dining alone? I'm open to all kinds of cuisine. Past trips to LV, I've eaten at:
Mesa Grill
Georgio Caffe
Border Grill
The buffets at Mandalay Bay and Bellagio
an Asian place in Bellagio - I don't think it's there now

I'm going to be staying at Mandalay Bay, if it helps with location. I'll be relying on walking and cabs (cabs not so much unless the weather is nasty).

Breakfast and dinner recommendations will be welcome!

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  1. If I'm not doing a breakfast buffet I'm heading for Florida Cafe, in the Howard Johnson's on a seedy stretch LV Blvd north of the Stratosphere. Lovely space, excellent Cuban fare. And at least 1 breakfast at The Peppermill is a requirement for 'hounds if I'm not mistaken.

    There's so many good places right at Mandalay Bay I don't know if it would be worth heading out anywhere for dinner...certainly nothing worth walking to.

    I would definitely head for the lounge at Fleur De Lys for a couple of small plates and of our fave hangs at MB.

    Sensi at The Bellagio is now on our short list of places we would gladly return to. The room has major wow factor and the Asian/Italin fusion cuisine is excellent.

    And if you're thinking of dropping serious coin for a serious meal along the Strip I would recommend getting a cheap rent car for a day and heading for Rosemary's instead. You'll wind up saving money and getting a better overall dining experience. I've hung at the bar as a single diner countless times, and I can't think of a place where going solo can be so enjoyable.

    1. I also recommend Sensi.

      Price is moderate and you can see the chef preparing food since it is a open kitchen.

      The dining room is beautiful, a great choice for casual dining. It is international cuisine with food in Asian/Indian/Italian/Seafood/Thai... Eventhough it is a mix, the food is good there !

      1. Vegas is a great place to dine solo. Almost any restaurant is fair game - even super luxury places like Joel Robuchon and Guy Savoy are used to solo diners.

        If you prefer places were the full dinner menu is available at the bar, here are a few:
        (1) L'Atelier is one of the top places in Las Vegas, and most of its seats are at a food counter - great for solo diners.
        (2) I believe Commander's Palace has a food bar, but dining at a table worked very well for me. They're known for being especially friendly to solo diners.
        (3) Michael Mina has a bar area that serves full meals (even the tasting menu). I actually prefer the bar area here, as the atmosphere in the main room is a bit noisy.
        (4) Daniel Boulud has a lounge area where full meals are available. However, you can't see the light show from there.
        (5) Rosemary's Restaurant has a bar that serves full meals. However, this is way, way off strip.
        (6) Emeril's advertises a food bar that serves a good portion of the menu. I haven't tried this one yet.
        (7) I wasn't all that impressed by the food at Bradley Ogden, but the bartenders were very friendly - and full meals are available at the bar.
        (8) Seablue is supposed to have a bar area that is very good for dining. I ate at a table here, but didn't notice the bar area. However, the entire place is pretty casual, so it probably would work well.
        (9) FIX serves full meals at the bar. It's very lively!
        (10) STACK, the younger sibling of FIX, also serves full meals at the bar.
        (11) Sushi bars are always available. My favorite is Okada, but there are bunches of others.

        If you're interested in details, I've reviewed thewse places (and more) at .

        1. I have eaten solo at
          Joes Stone crab
          Sushi Roku
          Emerills Fish House
          All of these have been solo at the bar, full dinner and great!

          1. Rosemary's is half-price for ladies on Wednesday nights if that's an option. (Hey...I could go with you!)
            According to the dish on this board, Commander's Palace will be closed by the time you get here :-(.
            Have fun!