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Jan 4, 2007 02:21 PM

Milan restaurants

I am going to be in Milan in February for two nights staying near the Duomo. I was thinking of eating at Trussardi alla Scala, and at Cracco-Peck. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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  1. You are going to get amazing meals at either of those restaurants. You have to eat lunch too though...

    To change it up at bit I recommend "Latteria San Marco" Via San Marco 24 in the Brera neighborhood. It's more of a trattoria but way better than a hole in the wall type place. They feature seasonal fresh ingredients and their plates are prepared and presented very simply. It's almost the opposite of the restaurants you are planning to visit but nevertheless quite delicious and enjoyable. A few words of caution. No reservations and if you are into wine you are going to be disappointed by the offerings. Like I said though, visit for lunch.

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    1. No thoughts on either of those restaurants, but I have another suggestion.

      If you're in Milan-especially near the Duomo- do not miss Luini. It's a place that makes the best panzerotti on earth.

      Seriously, this place was so unbelievably good (and affordable). I went back for seconds, then thirds.

      Enjoy Milan! It's my favorite city.

      1. FYI, the January issue (which is pretty much devoted to dining in Italy) of GOURMET magazine does have an article on a variety of restaurants in Milan.

        1. right near the duomo, near piazza missori, is a restaurant called Collina something. the address is via amedei 1. it is very good. a nice antipasti cart thing. i think its a good idea to book. it was packed by 8. as a bonus its in piazza sant' alessandro a pretty baroque piazza you might not get a chance to see otherwise. another side note, i always wanted to try latteria but i never got a chance.

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            Things have apparently changed since 2007 at this restaurant. I went there today and it was not at all packed at 8 and I found the food bland and uninspired.

          2. its also near "peck" not the origin of my screen name but a fanastic place all the same.