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Jan 4, 2007 01:48 PM

tofu help

My son (almost 2) loved the tofu from my hot & sour soup at a Chinese restaurant yesterday. So, I was wondering, how to buy tofu (the right kind) and how to make it for him in other simple ways. It's always great to find something else he'll enjoy. He has no food allergies, so I'll try anything that's easy enough, no need to go too gourmet-ish for just him.

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  1. I would recommend getting the firm tofu - it is sold in blocks in the grocery store - the simplest way is just cut it in to cubes for easy finger pick up and stir fry with soy sauce or sweet and sour thinned out -

    an interesting twist but a little more work - is consider that tofu will act like a sponge if you can squeeze some of the moisture out - place the brick of tofu into a bowl place a plate on top of it so the tofu compresses slightly - this will swueeze out some of the moisture - let it sit like this for about 15 minutes - when this done place it into you favorite marinade and it will absorb the flavors -

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      Freezing tofu will completely change the texture and make it extremely spongey. If your son likes the texture even after freezing, you can very easily squeeze even more moisture out of it by freezing, defrosting, then pressing the tofu. Then you can get tons of marinade flavor into the block. Just one more option for when you get bored of fresh tofu.

    2. A friend of mine who is a conscientious vegetarian swears by "The Vegetarian Cookbook" by Lisa/Linda/Leah Leneman/Leenman (not sure of the author's name). I've leafed through one called "This Can't Be Tofu" by Somebody Madison (Dolley keeps popping into my head, but it can't be Dolley!) and thought it looked good.

      Tofu comes in different consistencies. For hot and sour soup, and stir-fried dishes too, you'll want to get firm tofu. Supermarket versions come in sealed, waterproof packages. When you cut one open, do so over the sink. The tofu is easily cut into cubes or slices and doesn't disintegrate. The cookbooks will tell you which consitency is suitable for which dish.

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      1. YOU CAN ALSO MAKE A CHICKEN BROTH SOUP WITH the firm tofu that a little one would love.

        1. Claire - it's Deborah Madison

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            Thanks. I knew it wasn't Dolley, but I couldn't come up with her first name. Do you know/use/like the book?

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              I've never read that one, but one of my favorite cookbooks is Madison's 'Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone'. I'm not even vegetarian.

          2. My young boys love tofu baked or stir fried so it is crispy on the outside. I marinate in a simple asian themed marinade (soy sauce, ginger, rice vinegar and/or lime juice, garlic, sugar), and then either cut into "fries" and put under the broiler or cut into cubes and put into a skillet. We put the cubes into rice noodles.

            I have also slipped into rice, or even tacos (with a different or no marinade). So versitile.