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Jan 4, 2007 01:19 PM

Take out Mexican in DE?

I live in the Newport/ New Castle area and am interested in take out Mexican. I've heard Mexican Lindo on 13 is good and have been to La Tolteca, but they're more entree based. I'm looking for a Baja Fresh type "to go" burrito or taco. I'd be willing to go to a divey corner shop, if I know it's worth it.

Any help would be great!

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  1. There's a place just off of Rt. 141 north of Newport on the right just before you get to the intersection with Greenbank Rd. (where Ferris School is) that serves tacos (and is a grocery) that is ok.

    Better yet (and a bit further up the road) is a hole-in-the wall place on Lancaster Pike outside of Wilmington almost across the street from the Pathmark that has good "authentic" tacos.

    Skip Palacia Maya in Hockessin. It's supposedly an "upscale" La Tolteca but is not good at all.

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      A second vote for the hole in the wall across from Pathmark. It's kind of out of your way, but it certainly fits the divey corner shop description and the tacos are everything they should be. Tijuana Taco in Wilmington also has a well-used "to-go" counter, although I warn you that it can be very slow.

    2. Check out El Jefe on Kirkwood Highway, in the strip mall next to the "Newark Farmers' Market." It's not bad, about the only place around here I get my fix (without going to Philly or Kennett Square).

      1. I had lunch last week at (I believe the name is Lara's) in Elsemere across from the WaWa, very fresh very good but limited menu, I did eat in but it is mostly take out. Try it.

        1. Exploring NCCo's taquerias is sort of a hobby for me. It's sort of hard to keep up, since they are multiplying like rabbits.

          Tijuana Taco Shop is probably the oldest one around. It's good, but they've raised the prices quite a bit since the gringos discovered it. Tacos are something like $2.50 each now. If you go, stop in Avila's Bakery next door. They always have an interesting selection of Mexican pastries.

          La Poblanita is the one on Lancaster Pike across from Pathmark, and it's been around for quite a while too. Their tacos are pretty good, and they get bonus points for having goat (chivo) on the menu.

          El Jalisco is the one in the grocery store near Ferris School on 141. They used to have a little cart in a used car lot on Union St. too, but the last few times I've been by there, it's been closed. They definitely subscribe to the "do a few things, and do them well" school. Tacos (and tortas) are available with just steak, pork or tongue. However, the tacos are among the cheapest around ($1.50 each, I think), and the steak is probably the best I've had around here.

          El Toro on Union St. is another one that's been around in various locations for quite a while. This was the first taqeria I went to after I moved here from California, and I was sooooooo glad to find decent Mexican food. They do mostly take-out.

          El Pique is a tiny, take-out-only taqueria on DuPont Rd. between Kirkwood Hwy. and Maryland Ave. Their tacos are smaller than most, but only $1.25. Their selections vary daily, and can include exotic fare such as tripa (tripe), lengua (tongue) and buches (pork stomach), in addition to standards like carnitas, al pastor and carne asada.

          Burrito Bandido, on the corner of DuPont Rd. and Maryland Ave. across from Canby Park, was my favorite until a car crashed into it. They've been closed for remodeling for quite awhile, but if/when they reopen, don't miss it. Both the tacos and burritos there are excellent.

          There is another one on Maryland Ave. closer in to the city, but I haven't been there yet. I also haven't been to the one across from the Wawa in Elsmere since it changed ownership. It's tricky to get to, since it's on the corner of a one-way street that goes the wrong way.

          Closer to Newark, El Jefe is very good, but definitely more of a sit-down place. It's one of the few places around that serves fish tacos in addition to the standards (carne asada, carnitas, pollo, chorizo, etc.).

          I have had several people tell me that Santa Fe Mexican Grill on Main St. in Newark has great burritos. From their descriptions, it's the closest thing to a San Francisco-style burrito joint in the area. I haven't been there yet, so YMMV.

          And finally, waaaaaaaaaay up in Claymont is Los Potrillos. It's on the back side of the shopping center at the corner of Philadelphia Pike and Darley Rd.. They have a good-sized seating area, but they also do take-out. They've got the standard selection of tacos. I am rather partial to their sopes, corn cakes (like 1/4 in. thick tortillas) topped with meat and cheese.

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            Wow! What a great post! I've got just one question, and that is: whatever happened to "Something New Every Day" (the takeout counter/grocery store on Rte. 2 just north of the bridge that leads into Elsmere)? I went in there a few times but haven't been there since the name changed. I don't know if the owner is still the same, or if they still do takeout.

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              Thanks for posting this very helpful report, Delchow. I live several blocks away from El Toro on Union and never even noticed it -- it's definitely a blink-and-miss-it storefront. Tiny, with three tables piled on top of one another, so yes a good place for takeout (although the first time I ate there we dined in and it was fine, though 'cozy'). Excellent simple, cheap mexican -- I've been twice since I 'discovered' it a week ago and can tell it will be a regular spot. The huevos are a favorite, but the hot sauce is very very hot (but not without a good, smoky flavor). Everything's made right in front of you and I get the impression that the cook (owner?) is happy to accomodate special requests. Thanks again for the head's up -- w/o it I wouldn't have known to keep an eye out for it!

            2. Thanks for the run down. I will have to try a few of the ones I haven't tried yet.