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Stand Burgers?

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Anyone been? Worth trying tonight? Crowded? I was totally unimpressed with BLT Burger...love old town and corner bistro tho.

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  1. There was a thread on this yesterday I think...do a search...overall the opinion on Stand was not good...!

    1. went today (sunday) around 4. it wasn't crowed, they sat us immediately. my roommate and i both ordered the classic burger with cheese. we also got the mashed sweet potatoes with parmesan & the onion rings. thought the burger was delicious the meat itself had a really good flavor and the fixings on the burger were a nice compliment. the sweet potatoes and onion rings were both decent, both could have used a little more salt. 4 out of 5 stars. we would definitely go back.

      1. Definitely worth trying. I think the burgers are really good. the meat is great. wasn't to crazy about the turkey burger. Stick w/ the beef or veggie. there's many to choose from. At first service wasn't so great, but they got it together. A little on the pricey side, but worth it

        1. I live close by and was excited to try it. Unfortunately, it was very mediocre. I wish I could tell you more but it was one of those meals where you don’t remember anything except not to go again. I do remember thinking wow they specialize in one thing and it is so mediocre. I got the feeling that some guy decided to ride the burger craze and had it all figured out (decor, publicity, concept, etc) except how to make a good burger.

          I definitely prefer BLT Burger, Shake Shack, and Burger Joint at Parker Meridian to Stand Burger. I am not a big fan or corner bistro, I find their burgers a little too fatty. I was at the Knickerbocker today and had a good meal. After I had ordered I saw someone get the burger which looked pretty good. So I will definitely try the burger at
          Knickerbocker this week.

          1. I thought that everything was good except the beef. We got the classic, which had excellent bread and fixins, and the hamburger with the green peppercorn sauce, and I didn't think that the meat was salty or fatty enough in either.

            My black and white shake was good; the fries were fine; and the pot of pickles was great. Cole slaw could have used a little more seasoning.

            It's worth a try simply because it looks like not everyone agrees that the beef is lacking. You should try one and make your own decision--but yeah, it'll cost you to do so.

            1. Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien is my all-time fave.

              But, I am loving BLT Burger these days. I always get the lamb burger and sweet potato fries. Delicious!

              1. i really enjoyed their mushroom burger. it had a thick slice of mushroom on the burger, onion marmalade, and a creamy porcini sauce inside, with a side portion of sauce as well. tasty. the fries were ok, nothing special. they give you a choice between shoestring and regular, which i appreciated because i don't like shoestring fries at all. the regular were a little thinner than steak fries. next time i'd probably try the onion rings though. their variety of shakes (including alcoholic) and floats was impressive. i tried the dandelion and burdock with banana ice cream float because i love banana ice cream, which tasted as bizarre as it sounds. next time i'll probably just stick with a banana milkshake. overall, fairly promising. i'll be back.

                1. Went this weekend and was not too impressed. The print on the bottom of the menu is really faded out. I think it said that all burgers are prepared medium-rare unless otherwise requested (and that's what the waiter said) but then two out of three burgers came out medium-well (both in color and with a marker that said medium-well).
                  Thought the burger was one of the messiest i've had. I like a burger that is juicy but i couldn't pick this one up. Perhaps it was my fault as this was the classic which has a few extra things that might add to the slipperyness of it.

                  but overall, i thought it wasn't bad but not something i would go out of my way for. if i'm in the area, i might stop in again.

                  1. I went there last week and I found the burger decent, at best. The "Classic" beef burger was cooked perfectly to a medium-rare but the bread doesn't hold up to the burger too well (it's soggy). Their shake is good but it's very thick.

                    You may look at my post on it:


                    1. OK...I've been 4 times now and I can honestly say Stand has one of the best burgers in New York.....The first time I went, it blew me away...after that I had a very medicocre and hugely disappointing time as my previous had been so positive...with it being new, I decided to give it a couple of weeks before returning and it had improved dramatically...so much so, that I asked to speak with the manager about the difference...He told me that they had had difficulty finding staff in December and that they were finally getting a good crew that could execute properly and that he thought they were getting closer everyday to the intended level....well I went back yesterday and I have to say with the exception of the fries I think they are just about there....The 22% fat hamburger cooked, charred and seasoned perfectly was absolutely delicious...as was the Classic with that wonderful spike of dijon....The homemeade gingerale was fantastic and the toasted marshmallow shake has to be tried to be believed...The fries and homemade ketchup need alot of work but after speaking with the young and passionate owner, I have very little doubt that they too will improve...This place blows away BLT...If you had a bad experience I would definitely recommend returning now...It often takes new places awhile to get it right

                      1. Overrated!

                        The bun is like a french baguette. Nice piece of bread; no business in a burger. It's crunchy, thin, and nearly tasteless.

                        The patty lacks flavor.

                        The onion rings are too bland.

                        That "toasted marshmallow" shake is a slight variation on a vanilla shake. Nice, but not that special.

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                          I agree with you on the burger--mine came overcooked and a bit dry, so I wasn't a huge fan. But I disagree on the shakes. I haven't tried the toasted marshmallow, but I've tried the peanut and sesame, and both were great. You can't really go wrong using Il Lab gelato!

                          1. re: Lucia

                            I had a toasted marshmallow shake and loved it, I mean it definitely isn't anything close to vanilla, it tasted like a campfire.

                            I like the burger a lot except that the bun was burnt, and it seemed like they all were, like that's just the way they do it?

                        2. We just went to Stand a few days ago when some guest from oversees wanted to make it a burger night. We found it in New York Magazin where they had a list of "best burger" places in the city. I was pretty impressed. I think the prices are reasonable and I like the idea that you don't have to select from hundreds of potential toppings that you can combine in millions of ways to design your own burger.
                          Also a good selection of micro-brews that we started to explore over the course of the evening. I agree with an earlier comment that the fries are not that special. Burgers however, are pretty satisfying. Good taste and texture but still juicy. The lime yogurt parfait is spectecular. More in my blog entry.