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Jan 4, 2007 01:01 PM

best of 2006

the dallas morning news just published its "best of 2006" list this week. kim harwell does a neat twist on the usual 1-through-10 list by making the entries need-specific ... "best reason to visit the mall" etc.

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  1. Having just moved to the DFW area, this is great. Thank you for your post.

    1. where have you eaten so far? alas, we don't have any buckhead bread co. here... tho we do have the (still-independent) Empire Baking Co., and of course we got our own rathbun

      1. Very few places.

        My husband wanted to eat breakfast at the Black Forest Bakery which was awesome. We ate at a restaurnat called 62 Main in Colleyville. Absolutely fabulous! I took some clients to Del Frisco's, and we were supposed to have gone to Hattie's tonight, but a major roof leak is going to keep us here tonight.

        I have eaten at Abacus before. It was years ago.

        1. Oh and we ate at Toulouse on our homebuying trip.