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Does anyone know where to buy pinklewurst or where to find a restaurant that serves it? My father, who was of German (Swabian) origin used to make a dish called Kale and Pinklewurst which was absolutely to die for. As far as I know it's a Schwaebisch dish, not common in other parts of Germany, and made annually only at a certain time of year. Harvest time, I believe, which would be in the fall. A good recipe would also be appreciated.

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    1. Start with The Forest Pork Store on Jericho tpe Huntington Station NY (631)4232574 old world large variety.I buy from them when I can. Fairway, Plainview sells thier product.Good Luck

      1. My grandmother used to make the kale like a lightly creamed spinach (chopped up)and after sauteing the pinklewurst in a little butter just to brown they go into the kale pot.
        Put the top on and simmer for about 20 minutes.
        John Knoesel

        1. I just got some at Karl Ehmers last week.

          1. Hi .... well, come across the river to NJ and go to Kocher's on Bergen Blvd in Ridgefield. Phone: 201-945-7086
            Absolutely delicious .... and like your Grandma's ,we eat it with kale (and mashed potatoes!)

            1. I believe the Union Pork Store on Morris Ave. in Union has it also. If you stop in, also try their bratwurst. It's the best I've had. Their franks are also top of the line. Kochers also has excellent franks.

              1. The Smokehouse of the Catskills has it, also Rolf's porks store in Albany where they still use original beef instead of plastic casings. In Manhattan Schaller and Weber have it

                1. I see you got alot of replys already but I'll add one more "The Alpine Inc. restaurant" 1106 Texas Palmyra Highway, Route 6 east of Honesdale, PA. The good thing about this place is that it's a restaurant and a store so you can sit down and have your pinklewurst and kale made for you and then buy some pinklewurst to take home. And their selection of other german sausage is great too!

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                    where is Honesdale, PA - sounds great