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Jan 4, 2007 11:36 AM

Best Asian restaurants & markets in Citrus Heights and nearby locales?

I just moved to Citrus Heights two months ago from North County SD and am looking for the best Asian supermarkets and restaurants in or near Citrus Heights or even in Sacramento (though I'd prefer Citrus Heights, if there are any, or Roseville). I'm looking for excellent Japanese (especially sushi), Hawaiian barbecue (I've been going to L&L for a few years but wonder if there were something better...), Chinese (any that do dim sum?), Thai and ESPECIALLY Filipino. I've yet to find any good Filipino food up here (I've tried Goldilocks in Sacramento but have found that the only food I like there is their pancit; everything else has been too greasy and it's all rather overpriced). Any Filipino restaurants/markets that make their own pan de sal around here? (I sorely miss the Filipino food and pan de sal available in North County...some of the very few things I do miss about living down there). I've also shopped at SF supermarket in the same shopping center as Goldilocks but wonder if there's an Asian market just as good but closer to Citrus Heights?

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  1. Hoi Sin (Folsom Blvd at Bradshaw) for Chinese. They have some dim sum items. Also along that stretch of Folsom is a concentration of Korean restaurants. We like Korea House the best (also on Folsom). There is a large Korean supermarket further north.

    But mostly we go down to Broadway (south of downtown) for Chinese food. There is a smallest Chinese supermarket on Broadway and 11th. We actually like shopping there more than SF supermarket.

    1. I like Miyagi for sushi 2580 Fair Oaks Blvd (916) 485-2299, and just to the North of them at 601 Munroe is Lemon Grass for Thai and Vietnamese (kind of expensive though).

      The chef and owner of Lemon Grass (Mai Pham) also owns a local chain of places called La Bou. Order anything that looks kinda like Thai. They don’t serve the same things in all the restaurants. You could find soup (Thai chicken) with fresh baguette. You could find a sandwich (chicken and basil pannini). You could have a green curry rice bowl (green curry, chicken, bamboo, peas...on rice). Could be a spring roll like chicken thingy (spring roll like chicken thingy). Don’t worry if it sounds like innovative Thai (it’s not even innovative Thai, it’s Thai inspired lunch food, Bistro stuff) she does this well. It’s lunch food at lunch prices, but the quality is much better than a lunch place.

      I have not tried it yet, but Mana at 2580 Alta Arden Expy (916) 971-0728 is supposed to have excellent sushi (post if you try it).

      I also like Thai Palace at 3262 J st (916) 447-5353 (park in back, the front lot is very small). They are less expensive than Lemon Grass and the dining room is more comfortable (more homey). Great service too, but best of all they serve good food!

      My favorite for Dim Sum is New Canton 2523 Broadway (916) 739-8888. Go on a Sunday morning and the place will be packed. Lots of good fresh food because they serve a lot of it (gimme the feet please!). Parking is bad so drive past the front to see if you can scope something out, and then go down the nearest side street and drive down the alley in back. Jump on the first spot you find.

      When I first started eating Dim Sum I was going out to West Sacramento to Kings 1500 W Capitol Ave (916) 371-8131. Again always packed on a Sunday morning. I always liked their food and they had very good tea. I don't go there much anymore because New Canton is very good and much closer to me.

      Happy Garden has been recommended to me for Dim Sum, but I have not tried it yet. They are at 5731 Stockton Blvd (916) 456-0581. If you try it please post about it.

      I've been going to Goldstar Market 5815 Stockton Blvd (916) 453-8992. My wife is from Escondido, and when we go there we always stop in San Diego and have Dim Sum at a place called Jasmine and then stop at a big Asian market called 99 Ranch. Goldstar is no 99 Ranch, but it ain’t bad. I went once looking for Kefir Lime leaves and they did not have them. Yesterday they had all the fresh ginger wrapped in cellophane (it's usually just loose in bulk). I dunno. It's the best Asian market I've found in Sacramento yet. If you go, check out Goldstar, but then keep going South on Stockton Blvd and there are two more markets. One is Wing Wa and I can't remember the name of the other. Goldstar always had all I needed (except the kefir) so I never went back to the others (they didn't have kefir lime leaves either). Also keep an eye open for a prospective meal in this area as well. Lotsa Asian restaurants there. I'm still eating my way down Stockton Blvd. Check out Freeport Blvd as well. I'm not familiar with it yet, but I understand there are a lot of Asian restaurants there too and perhaps more markets?

      You can also find a lot of Asian foods (mostly vegetables, but some fish, pork and beef) at the Sunday farmers market at 8th and W Streets (under the freeway...yes, under the freeway. I buy my pork under the freeway) 8:00 to 12:00. Parking here is mayhem, just wing it and don’t run anyone over. It's got the largest turnout of vendors and public. Always something good here (great people watching). Almost as good as Dim Sum on a Sunday morning.

      I'm sorry I can't help you with Filipino food.
      All of these places are not close to Citrus Heights (except maybe a La Bou), but they are the best I've found so far.

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        I wish I'd known about the dim sum in SD prior to two months ago! I just moved from San Marcos and tried asking a "hip" co-worker six years ago when I first moved to SD where I could go for dim sum (he knew about other cool eateries). He just looked at me blankly and went, "huh?" Long story short -- never had dim sum in SD. :(

      2. I agree with previous poster's recommendations. You also MUST try Akebono in Granite Bay for Sushi. It is real sushi not the wacky stuff. The quality of the fish is beautiful. Here are some other reviews -

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          There is a filipino bakery in Natomas called Fil-Am. Great pancit! Lots of baked goods, too. It is just east of Natomas Blvd and Del the Gold's gym parking lot.


        2. Thank you all for your posts! This'll definitely help out a SoCal transplant!

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            Just went to Fil-Am and bought their pan de sal...a big bag!

            Out of pancit for today...gotta get there early!

            4571 gateway blvd

            If you want crispy pata or lumpia, you must call ahead...419-2606.

            Great tocino and bitter melon with eggs, too!

            1. re: jennyfur

              Do they make the lumpia fresh for you when you get there? I've only know one Filipino fast-food place in San Marcos that did that, and their freshly cooked lumpia was super-good!

              1. re: SoCalVal

                They will make it fresh..SO fresh! HAVE to call one hour in advance. They have a steam table filled with 8 different choices that they change up each day, plus lots of bakery items...but if you want lumpia, lechon kawali, crispy pata (which is soooo good...), or fried bangus or galunggong, you must call one hour in advance. I have not had the lechon kawali, but the rest is very good.
                Plus, they do party trays of lumpia for around $30.00. I think I will do that for Easter this year.

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                  Can you tell me where to find the San Marcos lumpia fast-food restaurant? I'm going to need to make a big order for an upcoming event and it sounds like the perfect place. Thanks for the idea!

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                    It's on the NW corner of San Marcos Blvd and Santa Fe (South Santa Fe? I don't remember the street name exactly). Across the street to the east is the Vons shopping center, and across the street to the south is the Albertson's shopping center. There's either a Sav-on or Rite Aid in the shopping center with the Filipino place (I don't remember the name of the restaurant either). It's on the north side of the strip mall about one or two doors to the west of a Vietnamese restaurant. It's not open on Sundays and is only open until 5pm on the other days (actually, I'm not even sure if they are still open on Saturdays; I haven't been there in a while). You might want to find them and order ahead of time because the last time I went in there, they were out of lumpia for the day. Good luck!

            2. You already found SF, which probably has the most variety. If you head north on Stockton from there, you'll find more Asian markets. Actually, there are many scattered around the south area. The north area's always been bereft of large ethnic markets, I've had to shop in South Sac or downtown for ethnic fare, or, in the past, out of town altogether.

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                Thanks! I found one Asian market a few years ago (I think it was on Franklin), and they didn't have very much (it was very small). However, I know SF doesn't have everything (like fresh Okinawa soba noodles) so I like the idea of finding other markets (just not out of town if I'm lucky!).