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Jan 4, 2007 06:49 AM

if i end up in chinatown...

my errands may land me near enough to chinatown tomorrow for a late solo lunch or early dinner. i have been craving noodle soup (wonton noodle, actually), and i searched these boards last night for possibilities. i know this has been covered before, but the threads i found seemed a bit dated. i was wondering if anyone had some up to date suggestions for an honest bowl of thin, springy noodles in a good broth, with a few juicy wontons floating around.

in anticipation of responses for places out of the city, the avenues, of farther-flung neighborhoods, i welcome them for future reference. but on this particular whim, i'm curious about chinatown or places in walking distance.

on the other hand i could always wander down to the tenderloin for a different noodle soup fix...


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  1. I can't say I've discovered the latest and best place for noodle soup in San Francisco's Chinatown, but the most consistent place I go to (and apparently other Chowhounds) is Hing Lung on Broadway, just a few doors up from Golden Mountain Dim Sum. Here's a photo of Hing Lung's duck and won ton noodle soup on my blog:

    Hing Lung is still a popular place for lunch and can get crowded, but service is fast. If you speak Chinese, that'll help as well. Be prepared to share a table with strangers.

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    1. re: singleguychef

      I haven't had the soup (but I hear it's good), but I can say that the roast duck at Hing Lung was quite good when I had it a few weeks ago. It would be a nice addition to any soup.

      Thanks for posting this question though, I am curious to hear what people say as well.

      Dave MP

    2. Hon's Wun Tun, 648 Kearny. I wish they would open up earlier in the morning since that's when I usually feel like eating noodle soup, but they don't open up until lunchtime.

      1. Actually, there's a good pho place down there. Golden Flower. When it's spot on the broth is rich and tasty. Here's a link for the address.

        1. Not thin noodles, and no wontons, but another option is Z & Y Garden. Some of their soups are very spicy since it is (partly) a Sichuanese restaurant. I like the spicy seafood noodle soup, with generous portions of fish and seafood. Noodles are thicker Shanghai-style.

          Actually, they do have wontons in chili oil on the menu. I wonder if they do have, or at least would be willing to make, soup with noodles and wontons.

          655 Jackson near Kearny

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          1. re: david kaplan

            Do you know if Z & Y takes reservations? I'm thinking of going w/ a large-ish group (maybe 8 people or so?) in February..

            Dave MP

            1. re: Dave MP

              They do, though I can't imagine you'd need to reserve more than a day or two in advance if at all.

              1. re: Dave MP

                Yes, it does, though depending on who answers the phone, it can be easier to drop by a day or two in advance to make your reservation. Be sure to have them save an order of the Yunnan steamed chicken for your group. Not a noodle dish, but unique to this restaurant and only so many orders are prepared each day.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Good idea, I'd probably drop by. I am thinking of bringing a big group there (including my parents) in February, so I will definitely be looking for help in planning the menu from you guys if I end up doing it. I might look into other places too though...I was also thinking about Shanghai Dumpling out in Richmond. Probably aiming for non-Cantonese Chinese, but I haven't eaten at too many places. I'd probably decide what to order ahead of time, and plan the meal for everyone. I will probably post again in a few weeks looking for more suggestions....but does Z&Y sound like a good choice? I have been by there, and it looks perfect...casual, good food (especially if I pre-plan what we'll order)....

                  Dave MP

                  1. re: Dave MP

                    Also, forgot to mention a potentially important detail....the weekend in question is just before Chinese New Year (Feb 15-17)

                    1. re: Dave MP

                      I think Z&Y is good choice because you get the added cachet of the Chinatown factor. It has several large round tables toward the back. Shanghai Dumpling isn't as well suited for a large group. I'm glad you asked about the date. The EVE of Chinese NY, Feb. 17, is the big night for families to dine together. You'll want to avoid being in a Chinese restaurant on that night unless you particularly want to experience the phenomenon. Last year despite the rain and wind, SF Chinatown was jam-packed and the crowd hoping to get a table at R&G, where I was celebrating, was suffocating.

                      1. re: Melanie Wong

                        Any sense of how it would be on the 16th (Friday night)? That's potentially when this dinner would be......granted, I could make a reservation. Other option would be to do it on the 15th, which is Thursday

                        Dave MP

            2. well i ended up at utopia, although i think i'll take the hing lung suggestion the next time i want congee with those yummy crullers.

              i ordered the roast duck wonton noodles, whicih was basically just what i was looking for. the broth was light and delicate, infused with a taste of that delicious roast duck, which was tender and juicy and full of five spice flavor. i should have asked where they get their duck. i eat slowly and noodles often get soggy when i eat them in soup, but i love that these stayed fairly toothsome. the wontons had a really strong sesame oil flavor, which i liked at first but i thought it started to overwhelm as i kept eating them. that's kind of strange, because i grew up with korean food, and sesame oil is one of my favorite scents/tastes ever. the wontons also looked kind of dry when presented, but when dunked in the broth their texture was just fine. there was also some chinese mustard greens (what is this called?), which i should eat more often.

              i liked how the portion wasn't too big. sometimes you get those huge bowls you can swim in, with enough noodles for four. i always feel bad when i can't finish it.

              oh. this was odd. there was one, exactly ONE leaf of cilantro in the bowl. not a sprig of cilantro, just one singular, solitary leaf. must have been stuck to the cook's hand.

              looking around i realized that i probably should've had a craving for the delicious looking clay pots that i've read about. almost everyone else was eating them. anyone had the ground pork and cuttlefish one? sounded delicious.

              afterwards i practiced weaving really fast through crowds on stockton street, and then went by lucky creation to pick a small box of their gluten/tofu skin products. i noticed a sign on the wall behind the register that read, "ADDITIONAL PLASTIC BAGS 17 cents EXTRA." are they really THAT scrooge-like and miserly there? wow.

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              1. re: augustiner

                Thanks for the quick replay! Yes, do try the clay pots at Utopia, and be sure to add the seasoned soy sauce to the rice. SOP.