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Jan 4, 2007 05:53 AM

Grocery Shopping in Saratoga Springs, NY

Hi there,

I might be moving to Saratoga Springs and wanted to know the best places to go food shopping.

I haven't found any equivalents to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, but I thought this would be the best place to ask.

Thanks so much,

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  1. There aren't any whole foods or trader joe's in the area, but there are Price Choppers and Hannafords. I myself prefer Hannaford for quality. You'll also find a bunch of specialty grocers in the area, many of which are italian shops and they carry great cheeses.

    1. Thanks, Yumcha.

      Any other specific recommendations would be great.
      I'll be visiting there in a few weeks and would like to make a list of places to check out.

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      1. re: EllieLA

        I moved to Saratoga from the NYC area recently and unfotunately you are not going to find many places for food shopping other than what has been mentioned here on this board.

        The Price Chopper and Hannafords are nothing like a Whole Foods or Wild Oats, especially the fresh fish counters! I have even sent an email to both Whole Foods and Wild OAts suggesting they open a store in Saratoga never know.

        I have been here for about 8months and I am still looking for a fish market...none exist except in Albany there is one (can't recall the Name) which is ok. Also still looking for a meat market (not in super market).

        I do agree with the post about Guidos...although I have been to the Pittsfield store have not yet tried the Great Barrington store.

        There is a little food shop in Stuyvesant(?) Plaza called Eat which has some specialty things like confit of duck which I can't seem to find anywhere else in the Albany/Saratoga area.

        While its a great area, if you are moving from a more metropolitan area you will miss the various food shops you currently have.

        As for restaurants I think I have tried most of them in Saratoga and find Springwater Bistro, Tiznow's and Scallions (moving to larger location and adding some kind of retail shop in the new location) to be some of the better ones.

        Good luck!

      2. Putnam Street Market on Broadway (weird, I know – they moved form their former Putnam Street location) has a nice selection of upscale stuff. I enjoy going there but find it a bit overpriced. On the other hand, you can get a lot of unusual things w/o having to go to a million little specialty stores, so unless that is a fun thing for you to do, it is probably worth the added cost. They also make good sandwiches and while I haven’t had a dessert from there in awhile I recall them being quite good. It’s a bit of a haul, but I would also really recommend Honest Weight Food Co-op on Central Ave. in Albany. It is crunchy and primarily vegetarian (they now have “happy” meat and fish in the back) but they have loads of great stuff, including what is without a doubt the best cheese counter we have seen outside of Montreal or Paris.

        1. I agree with Meg. I don't get up to Saratoga so I can't comment too much on what's in Saratoga. There are Aldi's (discount chain) located in Clifton Park and Albany. The Honest Weight Food Co-Op is a great place. I find their meats to be extremely expensive, though and I prefer to get my 'happy meat' (great term!) from the Troy Farmer's Market held every saturday from 10am-2pm. The Troy Farmer's Market is the largest one and goes year round. You'll have some good selection for farmer's markets in the summer, but this time of year the Troy Farmer's Market is about it.

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          1. re: yumcha

            Saratoga also has a year round farmer's market now, which is quite good, at least so far -- I come down from Glens Falls for it, although GF has a tiny year round market, too, now.

          2. Great point, Yumcha! The winter market is less amazing than the summer version, but there is still a great selection of local veggies, meat and cheeses (including the wonderful Old Chatham Sheepherding line.) We try to go every Saturday. There is a great mushroom guy, I love the almond croissants and apple tarts from Mrs. London’s, all kinds of meat and eggs can be found, and there is even soap and wine (which I have not purchased.) There are also a couple of people there making up food to order, mostly variants on Indian and Caribbean dishes, which are quite good and a heaping portion for the price (we generally split one.) Also a soup vendor, to eat there or take home – a bit pricey but a cool selection if you’re in a pinch. And one of our favorite potters! So, yeah, definitely worth a trip, and conveniently halfway between Albany and Saratoga. It’s in the Troy Atrium and I think the winter hours are 10-2.