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Jan 4, 2007 05:39 AM

a sweet cheese

I know this sounds strange. It was the lemon stilton that I found at Country Cheese on Divisadero between Fell and Oak St. I had the goat brie on my shopping list, but the shelf was bare after the New Year's celebrations...instead, the lemon stilton piqued my curiosity. Who is making this lemon stilton? Bite after bite, I think "It's sweet, it's lemony, it's salty, it's really good." Not a bad beginning for 2007.

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  1. Lemon stilton is wonderful. It is white stilton made in the same places stilton is made. It also comes without the lemon but I admit a fondness for the lemon.

    1. Stilton makes me swoon, add lemon and it's heaven! If you liked that, try the lemon quark from a vendor at the FP FM, Spring Hill maybe? Anyway, I can't be sure of the name, but the quark is fantastic. They are usually on the aisle in the back of the complex facing Sur La Table, near the fresh sprout guy.

      1. The one I get crumbles almost to sand in your hand and makes a great addition to salad. Found mine at Andronico's. Bet it would help make a nice pan sauce for sautéed chicken.