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Jan 4, 2007 04:44 AM

Place Near NY Hospital?

I know it is kind of a food wasteland up there, but I need a cafe/coffee shop/lunch spot as close as possible to 68th and York in which to conduct an interview (so should be not too super loud and crowded during the day on a weekday).

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  1. First Ave near NYH not a "wasteland." Za Za (Italian) quiet lunch place 1207 First Ave. (65-66th St). Forget the block of fast food joints on 68-69th St. Petaluma (72nd & 1st) is open for lunch and is also comfortable. Chinese - Cafe Evergreen on First and 69th.

    1. Walk up York to 75th. Beanocchio's will be a quiet coffee shop with sandwiches and salads at lunch time on a weekday.

      1. Pain Quotidien on First between 68-69th has a nice area with seating in the rear of the bakery. And the sandwiches are good.

        1. yeah, le pain quotidien would be perfect.

          cafe evergreen on first ave between 69th and 70th could also be good - it's surprisingly good chinese, fairly quiet, and should be a good spot for an interview.

          1. Pain Quotidien - good choice - but that location has closed due to demo of that whole block (71-72nd East Side of First). The pre-existing health food emporium as well as that other place on the corner of 72nd & First are gone.