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Jan 4, 2007 04:33 AM

Romantic Dallas Restaurant With Excellent Food and Wine

We are new to Dallas from New York. We would like to quickly zero in on the top restaurants for food and wine, but also with a romantic atmosphere. We hear Stephen Pyles is great, but not all that romantic. What are the top five places we should try? Lola, Aurora, Abicus?

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  1. Lola's Tasting Room.

    1. Bijoux, Aurora, Daniele Osteria, York St.

      1. Agree - go to Lola's Tasting Room

        1. I had an incredible dinner at Lola's Tasting Room (granted, it was 2 years ago) so I whole-heartedly agree. Alternatively, if you're looking for something nice and cozy with good food, but with a more laid back atmosphere than the others (maybe you're in the mood for a good dinner after a long day at work) you might want to check out Suze (at Northwest Highway and Midway)

          1. Although I dont' live in Dallas, I have a weekend place there and eat at most of top three restaurants I list here at least once a month or so.

            Lola is probably the best for what you're looking for. Great wine list. Very good selection and extraordinarily well priced. (For a NYC analogy think almost as good a Veritas or Cru, but much more reasonable.) Food is quite good, too. I wouldn't rate that atmosphere as overtly romantic, but it is certainly elegant without being pretentious and not at all inconsistent with romantic dining.

            Also try Bijoux. Ex Lola Chef. Very, very good food. Wine list is not in league with Lola, but none in Dallas are. But it's improving. Restrained and semi-formal atmosphere.

            York Street. Sharon Hage is as good a chef as there is in Dallas. Restaurant is very small, however. Emphasis is on fresh seasonal, and to the extent possible, regional ingredients. Wine list is fair to good.

            Those are probably your top three restaurants. Other contenders for top spot would be Aurora (stuffy, but reasonably romantic), The Mansion (again a bit stuffy), Local (not romantic in my book, but good food, and maybe Abacus or Stephen Pyles. But frankly, I'm not that fond of the last two.

            For romantic, but more casual atmosphere, and food that is a notch or two below, but still adequate, I'd suggest The Grape, St. Martin, maybe Il Sole or l'Ancestral. Daniele Osteria is also a frequent stop for me, but I don't know that I would not list it among the top tier, nor do I find it particularly romantic. But it's worth a visit.