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Jan 4, 2007 04:06 AM

Lunch for 1 in SGV

Running errands in Alhambra tomorrow. Any suggestions for a good lunch spot that serves suitable portions for the single diner? Open to anything. Thanks!

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  1. Off the top of my head -- there's Sushi Z on Garfield in Alhambra, right adjacent to San Marino so it's pretty far north. Best sushi in SGV and pretty good all around. Twohey's is also right there -- old fashioned diner with good burgers with chips. I'm very comfortable sitting at the counter solo.

    A friend at work really likes Hop Woo on the corner of Garfield and Main (I've not gone), and I also like Pho 79 also on Garfield serves excellent pho, though apparently not the best in town by others' estimation.

    Main Street in Old Town Alhambra has the Cuban Bistro, which is probably not great for a singleton and Senor Fish.

    1. These are the place I wish I could eat at lunch time if I were in Alhambra on a weekday afternoon...

      Savoy on Valley Blvd for Hainan Chicken and Rice.

      Lovebirds for sandwiches.

      Cafe Spot for western/HK style dishes

      Pepe's for taquitos (is that still around?)

      Balé on Valley and Atlantic for bahn mi

      Noodle Planet or Noodle World for pad kee mow

      1. Banh Mi Che Cali on Valley (technically in San Gabriel but not very far from Alhambra) for banh mi.

        1. Savoy is great for hai nan chicken, but go early (before 11:30 a.m.) if you don't want to wait.

          Anyone of the HK style cafes would be good (Garden Cafe, Regent's, etc.)