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Jan 4, 2007 04:03 AM

Sedona--Low-cost tips?

Sedona food seems to have gone downhill this winter:

Rene's, lunch TOD, sand dabs, usually reliable but overcooked this time

Tamale Mama's, the only decent Mexican we know, closed as of 12-30.

Heartline, 2 bad meals last week.

Ken's Creekside, awful meal in Dec.

Any tips?

And here's some Web research:

--which seems pretty promising, forex here's one for Oaxaca, a famously-dire tourist-Mex joint uptown:

"The food was average to below average. We should have opted for the hotdogs down the street !
My recommendation = STAY AWAY !"

On the positive side, Bistro Bella Terra & Oak Creek Brewery (in Tlaqupaque) both seem worth trying, based on reader's comments.


TIA & Cheers -- Pete Tillman

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  1. Have you tried Reds, the restaurant at Sedona Rouge Hotel? I'm new to town so haven't been to all the restaurants yet but this is my favorite so far. If you eat off the appetizer menu you can sample a number of dishes quite inexpensively. Their entrees are rather reasonably priced for Sedona, too (at dinner most are under $25).

    My experience thus far is that the food here isn't superb. Restaurants seem to figure that they can get away with sub-par food because 99% of their customers are tourists just here for the views.

    Other inexpensive places I've liked:

    Wildflower, which I understand is a chain, but I've had several good sandwiches there. It's a great place to get a lunch to go then head somewhere scenic for a picnic.

    Tamale Mama's (sad to hear it's now closed)

    Fournos Restaurant. This Greek restaurant is quite good--though not outstanding--and reasonably priced (entrees around $20, I believe). The stuffed grape leaves are delicious!

    Enchantment Resort for lunch. I liked the view better than the food so I wasn't tempted enough to go back for their very expensive dinner menu.

    I thought Oak Creek Brewery was rather overpriced for what it was (standard brew pub fare: burgers, pizzas etc) but the food I had on my visit was competently done so I'll be going back.

    I had decent food at Rene (which doesn't qualify as "low cost" on my budget!) Sorry to hear it wasn't good on your recent visit.

    Places I've disliked:

    I agree with you that Heartline is not very good. On a recent visit I tried the cioppino, which I was told is always available but never on the menu, and the game trio. Both were over cooked and neither was particularly flavorful. The service was terrible and we were made to wait more than 1/2 hour despite our reservation.

    Spices Restaurant. This Italian restaurant is just plain awful--stay away.

    I haven't tried Bella Terra Bistro yet but would like to get over there soon.

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    1. re: redrockhound

      "Wildflower, which I understand is a chain, but I've had several good sandwiches there. It's a great place to get a lunch to go then head somewhere scenic for a picnic."

      Try their chocolate scones for breakfast! Awesome.
      AVOID their soup in a bread-bowl.

      "I agree with you that Heartline is not very good..."

      Actually, Heartline has been the most reliable place in Sedona for ten years or more. I'm hoping the last, bad time was an exception.

      Thanks for the other tips.

      Cheers -- Pete Tillman

    2. oh man, this is bad news. i was hoping the sedona food scene would be promising. i read a dire post about the area in a search for food around prescott (i just got back from there last nite). too bad. :( hopefully things will start looking up, im supposed to be moving out there in about ten months.

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      1. re: tinymango

        Sedona's usually pretty good, for northern Arizona, but seems to be in a slump. And there's always been a problem with consistency, probably because of the constant turnover of the help.

        Prescott has historically been a grim place to eat out, but does seem to be getting better.

        Keep those Verde Valley tips coming, folks!

        TIA & Cheers -- Pete Tillman

      2. Wildflower consistently good
        Judi's - local favorite, homemade soups/dressings/breads

        Briar Patch Inn - Breakfast on the creek, all homemade items for $10, call for reservations

        Sedona restaurants are good but overpriced. I cook so I like my food better.

        Great food and drinks - Cottonwood on Main Street-The Tavern Grille

        Asylum - Jerome (1/2 hour outside of Sedona) well worth the trip

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        1. re: sedonarealtor

          Bistro Bella Terra good, amazing views, plus has entertainment some nights
          Maria's for Mexican for us, although margaritas can make any food better.
          Sedona Memories-best sandwich in town.

        2. We had a very good meal at Oak Creek Brewery on our last visit to Sedona. Might cost a little more than other brewpubs, but not as much as I expected given the view.