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Jan 4, 2007 03:49 AM

where can i buy a case of grapefruits?

i wanna buy a whole lot of grapefruit. somewhere on the westside or in sherman oaks/studio city would be good. do the farmers markets, like in santa monica, have grapefruits?


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    1. The Santa Monica Wednesday markets always has a grapefruit guy. You can get a huge sack for $2 (he always has lemons too, and today I bought a $2 sack of what must have been 50+ tangerines). I want to say it's a 10 lb sack. Does anyone know if they're there on Saturdays as well, or what other markets they go to?

      When I went today they had grapefruit.

      1. Marina Farms in Mar Vista would be a good option. The farmers market rec above is probably a bit better because you'll get a fresher grapefruit, but grapefruit travels pretty well, so Marina Farms would be a close second.

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          Marina Farms for sure. They have them by the crateload. I they are usually 3/$1 and are really good. If you're going to be hand selecting them, just make sure to go for the heaviest ones you can find.

          Marina Farms is on Centinela between Jefferson and the 90.

        2. There is also the same guy at the RB market which is today (Jan 4) from 9-1 in the parking lot behind Veterans Park off of Catalina on the south side of the pier.

          1. This might sound too obvious, but... did you ever try the Wholesale Produce Market downtown (Olympic & Alameda)?