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Jan 4, 2007 03:44 AM

Spokane Coffee Houses

Anybody know of any decent (non-Starbucks) coffee houses in Spokane? I'm looking for a place with both good desserts, and a good atmosphere. Thanks!

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  1. Huckleberry's. Lindaman's. Four Seasons. The Garage.
    I always favored Donut Parade on Hamilton, but they only served watery Farmer's Brothers coffee. The atmosphere is pure old-style Spokane (which might be a little rough around the edges for most). The ambiance, eavesdropping, and donuts are the main event. Just thinking about that place makes my eyes well with tears.

    1. The Rocket Bakery. There are several (well, 3 or 4) branches; downtown on Main near Division is probably the largest one. They make their own desserts, but don't expect too much of the chocolate-ganache-with-icing-rosettes-and-triangular-wafer-wedge kind of thing, more like really good apple tart or poppy-seed cake.

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        I forgot about Rocket! The raspberry bar with crumbly stuff on it was always a favorite. That space on Main is gorgeous.

      2. There are few downtown. The Rocket at Carnegie Square (4-5 blocks West of Monroe on 2nd) There Brews Brothers across from Fuggazi (Post and Sprague) The one behind Big Easy that used to be The Rock (can't remember its new name) The Rocket on Garland is very good. There are also several as you drive North on Monroe. Some have become very built up beyond your drive up type. I checked out Thomas Hammer on Howard next to Quiznos between Riverside and Main - nice newer place. Has a great neon sign you can't miss. There is alwaysthe old 4-Seasons down next to Macy's between Main and Spk Falls Blvd. During the day I like Next Door Cafe on Riverside and Lincoln. Sandwiches, soup, desserts and crap from the help to boot. They do a brisk latte biz.

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          A lot of info here =)

          for the one (The Rocket) on Garland, do I need to make a reservation?

          1. re: Isa

            LOL, no, you just go in. All these places are HIGHLY casual. Spokane seems to be more into drive-thru espresso. I don't think I've ever been in a coffee place that didn't have plenty of empty seats (even with a long line at the window).