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Jan 4, 2007 03:34 AM

Lila's in Huntington

comes a time for every decent place to descend.

tonite we had ribs, shrimp fajitas a tap Brooklyn Brown. All items we've had here before. Everything was tasteless and the beer came from a dirty tap. The music was disco and excessively loud, the waiter couldn't hear over it. The lights were like daylight.
I'd say Besito has kicked Lila's butt and it is time to close.

If you're not looking for as upscale as Besito, go to Viva Juans, still good or Taz.

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  1. When Lila's opened they were supposed to be a southwestern place boasting santa fe cuisine as a true cuisine. It isn't. It is a deplorable place. It has only managed to stay open by changing hands every few years and suppling Huntington with the only thing Huntington wants; a place to get drunk ina place that doesn't look like your there to get drunk. Plenty of good chefs have been run out of Huntington due to lack of interest by thr public. Oaxaca bests Besito by a long shot, unless of course it's the bar you're after. 63 restaurants in Huntington Village and I'm starving!

    1. Apropos of Besito (1) When you go into a restaurant and they give you a flashlight to read the menu by you know somebody in there is stupid-and that includes the clients. (2)When you go into a restaurant and you cant socialize because the music is so loud you feel stupid. (3)When the waiter cant leave you alone from pushing this dish or that dish etc. (4)When they charge $17 for 2 little plain enchiladas well... (5)And my God they are so full of themselves there...

      1. Chaz, I agree with you 200%. We went to Besito twice & were fed up with how they are full of themselves. The last time we went we had drinks at the bar first. We asked for chips and they said they don't give them but we could buy the guacomole with chips or the nachos. We said we'd buy just a basket of chips and they refused to do so!!! We ended up ordering the nachos and none of the cheese was melted, the chorizo was missing, and we talked about how they don't value the customer...and then left and went somewhere else for dinner, deciding never to go back. They sure do like pushing their drinks and guacamole though...too pushy and condescending attitudes for me.

        1. actually Lilas was quite good a for one of those chefs they paraded thru. But now the owners, I'd guess, have run out of options due to the hit Besito is.

          On the other hand, if you make the mistake of going to all but one or two restaurants on a Thurs thru Sun night, you get what you get. Them is the drinking nights of the week.

          We've been to Besito 4 times, never on the drinking nights. Service has been excellent as was the food and there was no attitude. Music wasn't blaring and the bar was slow. I'd agree the lights are too low, but I think that's the case of nearly every restaurant I've been to recently in the NY area.
          I'd also agree they push drink too much, as does every other decent restaurant in the area. That is where the profit is.

          I personally hate chips on the table before the food. I don't want bread or chips to fill up on before the food comes. And Besito has gotten the app or main out very quickly in our experience.

          They are expensive for sure, but our check there is close to that of the other places in town.

          Come summer time, I'm sure that will be the last place I'd want to eat because I'm sure the bar will be overrun with pond scum.

          Cassis and Joaninas are both better more nights of the week, but Cassis is still very loud and always has one table of loud drunken fools.

          Adventurous food for Huntington is Italian, as one can tell by the number there are and have been.

          Perhaps when Collage opens anew as Argentinean, that might fly, as those owners (same as Cassis and Pomodoro) seem to have quite an understanding of how the restaurant biz works.

          I wish there was a reliable seafood fish place in town. But Fiddleheads sucked (unlike the original in O Bay), Wild Fin is OK, Blue Honu is a loud hellish bar 7 nights a week.

          There was a Spanish place some years ago where Red is now. That place was excellent and the owner was smart and friendly, but they never had any business. The food was as good as being in Sevilla.

          Too bad Il Panino didn't fly. That was very good. Perhaps the place the chef opened in Bayville will survive.

          Oaxaca, Red, Osteria, House India, all have been hit and miss too. And then there is a lot of mediocrity in Huntington.

          1. We went to Oaxaca once. Had high hopes since it got such great reviews. All the food was cold. We weren't impressed.

            I agree that with all the restaurants in Huntington none really stand out. I will say, I enjoy 18 Bay in Bayville. We've been regulars at Fiddleheads in Oyster Bay for many years, but the last few times we went we felt that the food preparation and portions had changed. We went to Mill River Inn last night and there too, we felt has become just ok, nothing special.