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Prosciutto ideas

I've never had access to prosciutto before, but now I have a pound of it. Tell me what to do with it!

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  1. I like it sliced thin and sauteed in w/ creamed pasta dish.

    Or placed on chicken breast w/ roasted garlic and sage leaf underneath and sauteed/roasted a la Susan Spungen.

    1. good slices of fresh mozzarella, arugula, panini bread - brush the inside and outside of the bread with olive oil. Layer the prosciutto, cheese, arugula, and fresh black pepper - press on a grill


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        I make this to go w/tomato soup.

      2. Thin slice over melon with a balsamic reduction drizzled over it.

        1. Jeez, just eat it straight out of the paper with a nice bright Chianti!!

          Or wrap it around mini mozzerella balls drizzled with good olive oil and small slices of ripe roma or halved cherry tomato.

          Also great in a classic Italian sub with boiled ham, provolone, oregano, fresh basil, oil and red vinegar.

          The chicken/sage leaf application is quite yummy with breaded veal scalloppini (Saltimbocca alla Romana). Make sure you remove the toothpick before serving!

          Wrap it around blanched asparagus stems. Ditto with the oil, but this is a Spanish rip-off, so use Spanish or Middle Eastern olive oil.

          Cut it into a very fine dice and make croquettas de jambon.

          Line an oiled muffin tin with it, crack an egg in each cup and bake.

          Make a croque monsieur with a nice guyere or other Swiss cheese and rustic bread.

          This is fun- prosciutto never lasts very long in my house so I don't get to do this often.

          1. wrap it around a slice of ripe pear- YUM

            1. When I have an abundance, I love to make this with the extra:

              Peas and Prosciutto

              2 cups frozen peas, mike a minute to thaw
              2 oz chopped prosuitto
              1/4 cup pignolia
              olive oil
              red pepper flakes

              Saute pignolia and prosciutto in olive oil a couple of minutes, then add peas and red pepper, cook another minute.

              That's it. One of my favorite veggie dishes. And the leftovers, if there are any, are GREAT mixed in with a pasta dish like aglio olio or white clam sauce. Don't make it all the time just because I refuse to buy the proscuitto just for this simple dish, but the best thing is you don't have to have the best quality proscuitto for it to be good. My deli was out of it the other day, but then she said she had some end pieces and would sell me for $5.99, so I grabbed a lb myself. Planned to use them to wrap some figs and gorgonzola and bake (that's usually what I buy it for), but now I have plenty to play with.

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                if you saute the prosciutto and then peas in butter and add cream and reduce, you have Marcella's dynamite pasta sauce. Great over tortellini or penne w/ parmesan.

              2. My wife wraps prosciutto around sea scallops, fastening it with round toothpicks, before broiling the scallops. There are usually about a dozen large scallops for the 2 of us (empty nest).

                The toothpicks are soaked in water for at least an hour before use.

                1. A lot of good ideas here. Another idea is to use it as a pizza topping.

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                    That was my husband's first preference, and we'll probably try that.

                  2. stuff figs with some gorgonzola, wrap them with a slice of prosciutto and run under the broiler.

                    1. A great pasta sauce:
                      - suate either one large sliced onion OR a handful of sliced shallots OR a few sliced up leeks in a good olive oil.
                      -Add lots of minced FRESH sage and salt/pepper.
                      - Toss with diced up porosciutto and angle hair pasta
                      - sprinkle with parmesan

                      1. I stuff mushrooms with it and cheese or also make a quiche with fontina and swiss and any other available cheese, spinach or asparagus.
                        Panini sandwiches,spinach, tomato, prosciutto, and fontina for a sort of my take on a BLT, but to me much better.
                        Chop and mix it with cream cheese, scallion then stuff into cherry tomatoes sprinkle with herbs, or chives - for a tasty and pretty spring appetizer. another it to wrap basl,soft cheese, prosciutto and slice into pinwheels
                        Calzones filled with cheeses and tomato and then chopped proscuitto and basil

                        1. Wrap it around anything!

                          I love it with:
                          - figs
                          - asparagus
                          - pears
                          - cheese
                          - zuchinni

                          you get the idea!

                          Also, you can make really good panini with it.

                          1. I'm trying the Prosciutto and egg in a muffin pan tommorrow morning. I am still trying to think of a small topping: fresh rosemary or a nice cheese melted over top the egg.

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                              sprinkle some parmesan or toasted panko and finish in the broiler


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                                I have a recipe for Champagne sauce that I sub for Hollandaise when I make Eggs Benedict. It was mainly a cup of champagne and gruyere cheese, maybe with a roux. (Didn't make it this New Year, was too stuffed!) If you want, let me know.

                              2. Eat it fast, it spoils fairly quickly onced sliced and/or exposed to air.

                                1. The prosciutto lined in the muffin pans came out perfect. I made an egg mixture with a bit of fresh rosemary and some parmesan romano, and a second mixture with small bits of fresh pepperoni and basil. It was quick, easy and delicious. Thanks julietg for the idea.

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                                    that sounds so awesome right now! may do this weekend...

                                  2. Baked some fresh asparagus w/ sea salt and a bit of olive oil wrapped in prosciutto for dinner alongside roasted rosemary potatoes and some pork medallions in a chianti balsamic reduction. Still have some capecolla for tomorrow. Just the idea of someone having too much prosciutto made me have to go out and enjoy some!

                                    1. Not sure if this has been mentioned--I'm too tired to read all the posts tonight.

                                      Asparagus, (be sure to snap off the tough ends and trim the bottoms), wrap w/ prosciutto, sprinkle liberally w/ lemon juice, semi-liberally w/ olive oil, kosher salt and pepper. 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes, 15 should be tops.

                                      In the oven is the only way to make asparagus, as you'll see after you make them this way.

                                      Melon and prosciutto is also a nice "semi-healthy" appetizer that most people usually enjoy.

                                      1. Put thin slices on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake in low oven for about 15 minutes. Cool. Crumble prosiutto over salad or anything that you would use crumbled bacon on.

                                        1. A sandwich is in order. A section of baguet, or suitable italin bread, arugla, mustard, red bell pepper and artichoke hearts.

                                          Of coarse you can forgo the mustard and veggies for shaved paresan and and a few drops of balsamico.