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Jan 4, 2007 02:19 AM

Broad noodles in Thai dishes

When making Thai dishes that have broad noodles (like pad see yew), are the noodles the same thing as what Chinese dishes use for chow fun? Are there specific Thai brands?

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  1. chinese noodles are usually egg-based noodles, while thai noodles are usually (as in pad see ew) rice-based noodles. there are specific thai brands, but other southeast asian rice noodles will work too.

    1. rice noodles, and they cook in hot water very quickly. And they are great at absorbing flavor. I use the wide rice noodle, with chicken, chicken broth, veggies, lime, red curry paste and it is pretty tasty and light, not to mention fast.

      1. Almost all Thai restaurants use Chinese broad wide noodles (chow fun) for wide noodle dishes. They are rice based and white in color.

        1. Yes, for pad see eew you should use Chinese ho fen noodles, as this is the Thai version of the classic Chinese ho fen dish. Dry rice noodles will leave you lacking, although they are perfectly suitable for pad ki mow and pretty much required for pad thai.