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Jan 4, 2007 02:04 AM

What to do with a slightly stale semolina loaf?

Friends brought a beautiful semolina loaf for New Year's Eve. I set it aside and didn't use it - friends didn't mind. But, after the drinking and eating and festivities (not to mention the NYE birth of my sister's twins) I forgot that it was out on the counter. About 24 hours after receiving it, I wrapped it up in foil and bagged it. But now the crust is slightly hard (too hard to eat as just sandwich bread). I just got a new soup cookbook and will be making a Corn and Shrimp Chowder this weekend. I think I can do something with the bread to eat along with the chowder. Any suggestions? I hate to waste. Thanks!

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  1. Crostini are nice with soup and a good way to use stale good-quality bread. Top with cheese mixtures, cooked greens, artichokes, olives, whatever suits your fancy. There are hundreds of recipes online--hit Epicurious or do a Google search.

    If it were tomato season, I'd say panzanella, which to my tastes is the Highest Stage of Stale Bread. A strata or savory bread pudding is another option, but I can't see those working well with a chowder.