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Jan 4, 2007 02:04 AM

Zum Linzer --Hamilton

Hi all,

I am posting to inquiry about the menu at Zum Linzer. In a nutshell, I love all of the offerings at the place but my better half, whom I am taking there for the first time shortly, is very, very picky when it comes to food.

She is not into anything too spicy, saucy or even with too many vegies so I am wondering what on the Zum Linzer menu would fellow Chowhounders reccomend for somebody like this?

She likes beef stew (although she leaves the vegies in the stew and eats the meat) so I am wondering if the Goulash might be a good choice?

I don't think that she would appreciate the schnitzel so is there anything else on the menu, other than perhaps the Goulash, that Chowhounders would recommend?

Thanks for your help!!

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  1. I have never been threre and would be curious to hear your overall impression, favourites, etc. Make me want to go there :-)

    1. I see that there are a couple of German/Austrian restos in Hamilton: Zum Linzer and the Black Forest Inn. How do they compare? Both seem to have reasonable prices and are located in the city centre. Zum Linzer doesn't seem to have a website (anymore - it seems to me that they used to)...

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        Zum Linzer got a very good write-up in the Toronto Star today: I couldn't possibly eat so much food - would have to stick to starters or hope they wouldn't mind two middle-aged ladies sharing a main dish! (if we have some beer or white wine)...

      2. This is a friendly little place my wife and I enjoy regularily. They have great beers on tap like Warsteiner and Hacker Schorr. The food is fantastic and the portions are large. Most entrees are $11-16 which includes your salad and a bowl of rye bread for the table. I recommend the breaded mushroom appetizer ($7) which is good for 4 people. You will not be disappointed if you enjoy Austrian food. It can be tricky finding a parking spot but there is a lot behind the restaurant that is not visible from the front. Make reservations.

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          Zum Linzer
          537 Main St E, Hamilton, ON L8M1H9, CA