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Jan 4, 2007 01:28 AM

Sushi Quality Fish?

Where do Sushi restaurants get there fish? Is this guarded informtation? Anyone interested in hiring a private investigator to follow top sushi chefs to their mongers? Will I lose a pinky if I ask too many questions? I know there's plenty of good fish around, and I really like the Santa Monica seafood market, but even there I'm not always convinced that their fish is really fresh enough to eat raw. Can anyone reccomend a really good fish market?

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  1. Los Angeles Fish Company is a wholesale and retail fish market. Several years ago I knew the founder and he told me that almost all fish for sushi comes frozen.
    They have accounts as far away as Las Vegas.

    Los Angeles Fish Company
    420 Stanford Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90013-2121
    (213) 629-1213
    Hours of Operation:
    Mon-Fri: 06:00am-03:00pm
    Sat 06:00am-11:00am

    I've also heard CH's talking about International Marine Products

    1. And I suppose there's no Easter bunny either.

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        There's also Marukai in Gardena(Artesia/Western) location. Check it out they got all kinds of sushi/sashimi fish there an education in itself just to look at the variety.

      2. I've recently discovered Seafood City in the Eagle Rock Plaza. I never would have figured that a supermarket in the middle of a mall would have such a large amount of fresh fish, but the #1 key to finding a good fish market is finding one that's popular so that it enjoys good turnover. The Filipinos in that area love their fish, especially whole fish. On top of that, they're cheaper than Ralphs/Vons/WF prices.

        1. I buy my sushi at Fish King in Glendale, and what's acceptable to eat raw is plainly marked -- or just ask. Seven years and never a problem, knock wood.

          1. I second the Fish King recommendation. Always spectacular -- and he'll let you know which fish is 'sushi grade.'

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              You can get some #1 grade Hawaiian Big Eye Ahi Tuna,fresh, sashimi grade at Costco.