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Jan 4, 2007 12:54 AM

Best Hot Chocolate

where is the best Hot Chocolate....especially in a cozy fireplaced room. I do remember iced chocolate in Burdicks in Harvard Square. Does anyone know about their hot choc. I am looking for the bittersweet dark drinking chocolate like the kind in Europe...smooth, creamy, and so sinful.

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  1. Burdick's Hot Chox is like drinking a candy bar. Mmm!

    1. Taza Chocolate is doing that chocolate lounge at Mariposa Bakery in Central Square (Thursdays, IIRC).

      Limster and others posted about it a while back:

      1. Burdick's is excellent...went twice over the holiday season. Perfect with an almond pastry. enjoy!

        1. On the same subject, anybody know of a place in the area that does Mexican hot chocolate? Had it a few times when I went to college in So-Cal and made frequent trips to Mexico. It's much earthier and has an herbal-spice backnote to it.

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            I've had it at Z-Square in Harvard Square. I have no idea whether it's authentic, but it tasted good.

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              Taza, the weekly chocolate lounge held Thursday nights at Mariposa Bakery in Central Sq., is featuring Mexican hot chocolate, both for comsumption and purchase to make at home.

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                Have you been to the Taza chocolate lounge yet? Is it any good?

                1. re: gini

                  I haven't yet been. For me, after work, if it's a toss-up between sweet (Mariposa) and savory (Miracle of Science across the street or River Gods), savory wins out every time.

            2. Bostonbob, I don't know who serves it--I do love it though. It's not as cloying sweet as the usual stuff and has a note of cinnamon. I can tell you that Cardullo's in Harvard Sq sells a few brands of it that you can prepare at home, as well as a number of dark drinking chocolates.

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                I've not had it, but Tu y Yo serves Oaxacan hot chocolate on their weekend breakfast/brunch menu.

                1. re: finlero

                  Thanks! Now I can make it at home, or have it at Tu y Yo. Excellent, Smithers.