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Romantic Restaurant....

I'm looking for a great Romantic spot in the quarter for a 10th anniversary dinner in NO on the 18th or 19th of March (Sun/Mon). I'd take a cab if someone has a really great spot to go to outside of the quarter.

We're planning a lunch at Commander's (.25 martinis you know!).

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  1. I think Broussard's is a beautiful restaurant. The courtyard alone is romantic and that time of year maybe the wisteria will be in bloom. Purple petals everywhere and the scent is divine.

    1. I agree about Broussard's but stay with the seafood--any seafood that is is bold print is some of the best I've had in the city. Don't order their meat dishes. Even though they are German, their Creole seafood dishes are great and their meat dishes really disappoint. But then again, maybe that's how the German's cook their meat. Very romantic setting. Have your first drink at the bar. The view is great.

      1. We have celebrated our anniversary several times at Upperline Restaurant. Getting there was half the fun - we took the streetcar. Not sure if it is running now? Delicious food, fantastic service. We haven't been since Katrina, but I think it is open. (Try the sweetbreads and grits if they have them!)

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          Upperline is open, the streetcar is only running to Lee Circle. It would be an easy cab ride, though.

          I just had a birthday meal at Cuvee, great food and service, nice atmosphere. In the CBD. In the quarter, check out Bayona. Stella has fantastic food, but it might be a little louder and more crowded than you're looking for. Peristyle is another.

        2. For many years, we found ourselves back in NO for wife's b'day. I'd always reserve table #8 at Commander's Palace. It's in the turret and is really by itself in the upper area. On about a dozen occasions, they were excellent. Last time I did this, at the last minute, they canceled #8 and sent us to the Garden Room. It seems that some "important" people had decided that they wanted the entire upper area. It was just barely OK, but for romance, I cannot think of a better spot, than #8. Check to see if they have reopened post-Katrina. Some have indicated that they may have abbreviated hours.


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            Thanks for all of the advice. I'll be going to at least one of these places for The Dinner, but I'll try to get to a few others as well. I'm in town March 17th-21st and by my count I have 13 meals to make the most of.

            On my last trip I went to Acme, Felix's, Mr. B's, Bourbon House, Redfish Grill (mistake), Commander's for lunch, K-Paul's, Zydeque and TGI Friday's in the Holiday Inn.

            Just kidding about that last one...

            I'll report when I return.

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              Commander's Palace just recently re-opened, much to the delight of everyone

            2. I travel to Nola a lot on business. One of the best meals I ever had was at Restaurant August and I guess I would put it in the romantic category. John Besh is the chef, fantastic, pricey but no moreso than Commanders. I think it has reopened now. Also a big fan of Au Bon Cafe off Poydras, great creole. Much more casual. And I know it's en vogue for foodies to avoid tourist spots like Emeril's but I will tell you I've literally been there a dozen times and have never had a bad meal. Call ahead and see if the man himself is working. He still supposedly cooks there 2 weeks out of the month.

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                I think ieat is referring to the Bon Ton Cafe, which is cajun food. Open at lunch only, tasty, old-fashioned kinda place.

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                  Hey Hungry Celeste,

                  Bon Ton is open for dinner Monday through Friday. I have only had dinner there.

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                    Yeah, they are indeed open for lunch & dinner. Maybe they USED to be open only for lunch? Or maybe I'm just confused lately.

              2. A beautiful, quiet restaurant in the Quarter is Stella. Excellent, but I will say my last meal there was pre Katrina.
                Lovely! I was taken there by a Quarter resident, who is also a food writer.


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                  FYI - I went to Stella last night and was just blown away. Absolutely delicious (and the food was beautiful to look at as well). It was a lovely experience, and I would definitely recommend it for a special, romantic evening.

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                    I am so glad you enjoyed Stella! It is a gem!

                2. Here are my ideas. Some of these places mentioned above are COMPLETELY unromantic. Broussards is too touristy in my opinion and the Bon Ton has great food but is is about as romantic as a Pizza Hut.
                  A place called Feelings outside the French Quarter has all the charm you could ever want from a New Orleans restaurant. The courtyard is pure romance with the old balcony, the dark bar, the banana trees and all the foliage. Unfortunately, I don't think the food is so hot so for a big night out, it may not be your best choice.
                  Martinique in the Uptown section of town serves wonderful creole food in a very intimate setting. I would go for brunch as it is sensational. If the weather is good, you can sit outside on the patio surrounded by tropical plants but even inside has vanilla colored walls and dim light and candles. Very nice.
                  I agree with Cuvee as the food is excellent and the atmosphere quite smooth and romantic. It is dark and quiet. I am not a huge fan of August or Muriel's which is usually always touted on this site.
                  I also think that the Emeril's Delmonico is very romantic. The lighting is honey colored, the draperies exquisite, the service excellent, and the food very good. It is an Emeril chain which diminishes the cache a bit but it is still a very nice place.
                  On the cheaper side, Irene's Cuisine in the French Quarter is as intimate as you can get with great food and a romantic touch. Even Mona Lisa which allows BYOB is small, charming and purely local. Both are in the French Quarter. Finally, Stella serves truly mouth-wateringly good food. It is indeed romantic to some extent and right in the middle of the French Quarter. I don't rave about the interior but the food is outstanding and well worth the high price.

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                    I wouldn't call Delmonico a chain. It is a very old restaurant that was about to go belly up before Emeril bought it. From what I hear, he has tried to leave it as it was. We waited over an hour past our reservation time for a table when we went.

                    I second Irene's, but be prepared for a one to two hour wait (no reservations; we usually walk around the corner for a drink or two), and many people claim they are treated badly because they are not regulars. I've been several times, but by no stretch would they recognize me, and have always been treated fine.

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                      My grandmother used to take my brother and me to Delmonico's as children and even up until we were in our late teens. It was always considered a very fine restaurant with classic creole food. It was incredibly run down by the early 90's and showed a lot of age. I think it was out of business for a number of years before Emeril restored it. The restoration now looks completely new. In fact, I see no signs of the old Delmonico at all. I think the trout amandine is one of the dishes that he kept going which is excellent. The piano bar never existed at the old Delmonico's and it is now a great place to get a drink. I really am a fan of the place and for a romantic environment, I think it ranks pretty high.

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                        Irene's actually takes reservations now.

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                        In case you haven't noticed we don't have any tourists to speak of just ask the restaurant owners in the French Quarter.

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                          I certainly agree with that and I try to support the French Quarter restaurants as much as possible since the Wharehouse Dist. is packed. In fact, I had one of the best meals ever at Stella last week. On the other hand, how are places like Court of Two Sisters, Brennans and Begues making it if there are no tourists? Do any locals go to those places?

                      3. You're right, I did mean Bon Ton, sorry. I would second the Delmonico. Haven't been since katrina but had dinner and lunch there prior to and it was outstanding. Also had a great experience at Brigtsens and Peristyle and understand both are up and running. Another spot to consider is Lilete on Magazine.

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                          I love Lilette, however I would not describe it as romantic. It is a neighborhood bistro and I highly recommend it, but I don't put it in the category of NOLA's finest and most romantic spots. It can be very noisy if full.

                        2. Irene's, Irene's, Irene's!!!!! I've also heard that "Feelings" is quite romantic and the food is good, but I haven't had the opportunity to see for myself .. yet.

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                            Does Irene's have a website?? I'd love to check out the menu.

                            AS of right now I'm heading to Acme Saturday night.
                            Sunday: Cafe du Monde
                            Gumbo Shop
                            <no plans for dinner>

                            Monday: Cafe du Monde
                            <no plans for lunch>
                            <no plans for dinner>

                            Tuesda: Cafe du Monde
                            Commanders for lunch
                            Delmonico for dinner.

                            I'm looking to have my special dinner either Sunday or Monday, going to K-Pauls thye other night...still looking for a lunch spot near the Ritz-Carlton on monday though...

                            This trip is in March and I promise a lengthy report.

                          2. We ate at the Bombay Club once and reserved a curtained booth. It was romantic and kind of weird at the same time; part of me loved the privacy, but part of me missed the 'people watching'.
                            I have no recollection about the food, so it couldn't have been bad or amazing, probably just average. The martinis, on the other hand ARE great!

                            1. Restaurant August was the best meal we had in New Orleans (Jazzfest 2006). It was so delicious we went back the next day! Enjoyed every dish. We also had an opportunity to speak with Chef Besh, really down to earth. Also dined at Bayona, not a memorable meal.

                              1. I'm a local and celebrating an anniversary at the same time. The ONLY place I would go is Feeling's. It's near the Marigny (which is an easy cab ride - a short distance from the quarter). It's wonderful food and atmosphere. A beautiful patio bar and piano bar (very low key, dark and romantic). It has been one of my favorties for over 14 years!

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                                  I agree with the atmosphere, the courtyard, the piano player, but the food , NO.
                                  There is no way anyone could think that is great food unless of course you are in your eighties or nineties. The last time this method of cooking was popular was in the sixties.

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                                    Agreed about atmosphere vs. food at Feelings!

                                2. I also noticed you were going to K-Paul's ... don't waste your time. In my opinion - the food is just OK...you wouldn't catch a local in there and that's the true test. There are so many other places right around there that are soooo much better. Try NOLA or Bacco's. And if you want a real local favorite - though it's a dive - go to Port of Call for the best hamburger of your life and be sure to drink a Monsoon while you are there.

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                                    I know lots of locals who like K-Paul's. I think the food is some of the best I've had in the city, but it's definitely heavy and rich, so if that's not your thing...

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                                      way wrong...I'm local and I think Chef Paul's kitchen is putting out some of the best food in the city right now...for romance I suggest Cafe Amelie on Royal

                                    2. Cafe Degas in Midcity had a good combination of food/atmosphere before the storm, and looked open when I visited one year ago. There is another spot (somebody help me out) a little bit further down Esplanade, right past the Whole Foods, that was also small and romantic

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                                        Gabrielle was on the same side of the street as the Whole Foods, neither of them are there any more. Gabrielle is embroiled in a permitting issue with the neighbors of a place they bought uptown (don't get me started) and has yet to reopen. On the other side of the street is Lola's, still there, and recently got their liquor license.

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                                          Paella place, right? I remember going there and everyone bringing their own wine. That place was not unromantic, either