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Jan 3, 2007 11:50 PM

Romantic Restaurant....

I'm looking for a great Romantic spot in the quarter for a 10th anniversary dinner in NO on the 18th or 19th of March (Sun/Mon). I'd take a cab if someone has a really great spot to go to outside of the quarter.

We're planning a lunch at Commander's (.25 martinis you know!).

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  1. I think Broussard's is a beautiful restaurant. The courtyard alone is romantic and that time of year maybe the wisteria will be in bloom. Purple petals everywhere and the scent is divine.

    1. I agree about Broussard's but stay with the seafood--any seafood that is is bold print is some of the best I've had in the city. Don't order their meat dishes. Even though they are German, their Creole seafood dishes are great and their meat dishes really disappoint. But then again, maybe that's how the German's cook their meat. Very romantic setting. Have your first drink at the bar. The view is great.

      1. We have celebrated our anniversary several times at Upperline Restaurant. Getting there was half the fun - we took the streetcar. Not sure if it is running now? Delicious food, fantastic service. We haven't been since Katrina, but I think it is open. (Try the sweetbreads and grits if they have them!)

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          Upperline is open, the streetcar is only running to Lee Circle. It would be an easy cab ride, though.

          I just had a birthday meal at Cuvee, great food and service, nice atmosphere. In the CBD. In the quarter, check out Bayona. Stella has fantastic food, but it might be a little louder and more crowded than you're looking for. Peristyle is another.

        2. For many years, we found ourselves back in NO for wife's b'day. I'd always reserve table #8 at Commander's Palace. It's in the turret and is really by itself in the upper area. On about a dozen occasions, they were excellent. Last time I did this, at the last minute, they canceled #8 and sent us to the Garden Room. It seems that some "important" people had decided that they wanted the entire upper area. It was just barely OK, but for romance, I cannot think of a better spot, than #8. Check to see if they have reopened post-Katrina. Some have indicated that they may have abbreviated hours.


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            Thanks for all of the advice. I'll be going to at least one of these places for The Dinner, but I'll try to get to a few others as well. I'm in town March 17th-21st and by my count I have 13 meals to make the most of.

            On my last trip I went to Acme, Felix's, Mr. B's, Bourbon House, Redfish Grill (mistake), Commander's for lunch, K-Paul's, Zydeque and TGI Friday's in the Holiday Inn.

            Just kidding about that last one...

            I'll report when I return.

            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Commander's Palace just recently re-opened, much to the delight of everyone

            2. I travel to Nola a lot on business. One of the best meals I ever had was at Restaurant August and I guess I would put it in the romantic category. John Besh is the chef, fantastic, pricey but no moreso than Commanders. I think it has reopened now. Also a big fan of Au Bon Cafe off Poydras, great creole. Much more casual. And I know it's en vogue for foodies to avoid tourist spots like Emeril's but I will tell you I've literally been there a dozen times and have never had a bad meal. Call ahead and see if the man himself is working. He still supposedly cooks there 2 weeks out of the month.

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                I think ieat is referring to the Bon Ton Cafe, which is cajun food. Open at lunch only, tasty, old-fashioned kinda place.

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                  Hey Hungry Celeste,

                  Bon Ton is open for dinner Monday through Friday. I have only had dinner there.

                  1. re: Tonto

                    Yeah, they are indeed open for lunch & dinner. Maybe they USED to be open only for lunch? Or maybe I'm just confused lately.